Little boy, 4, dies at home clutching mum’s hand after doctors dismissed cancer as constipation

Little boy, 4, dies at home clutching mum’s hand after doctors dismissed cancer as constipation

A HEARTBROKEN mum has spoken of the moment she held her little son’s hand as he passed away from a rare form of cancer aged just four.
Ethan Turner was first diagnosed with Rhabdomysocarcoma back in May 2016.
MEN Media Little Ethan passed away last week from a rare form of cancer
MEN Media His mum is now trying to raise awareness of the condition
Despite having chemo and radiotherapy, his tumour kept on growing and on Saturday, the youngster passed away at home.
His brave mum, Ashley Morgan, is now trying to raise awareness of the condition.
Rhabdomyosarcoma is so rare that fewer than 60 children are diagnosed with it in the UK each year.
Ashley, 25, told the Manchester Evening News that she and Ethan’s dad were constantly visiting their GP to see about their little son’s constipation.
Ethan had been suffering from chronic constipation
“It was the last thing we could have ever imagined”, she said.
“It was going on for weeks so we took him to hospital where they just gave him enemas. He wasn’t getting any better and was screaming the house down in that much pain.
“He stopped going to the toilet completely so they gave him a scan and this showed the tumour.”Ethan had a few months of chemo to try to shrink the tumour before having an operation to remove as much of it as possible.
And because of his age, the tot also needed to have a specialised type of proton beam radiotherapy.
He stopped going to the toilet completely so they gave him a scan and this showed the tumour.Ashley Morgan
The proton beam unit at The Christie was only completed in 2018, so Ethan was sent to Flordia for treatment.
The Man City fan and his family spent 11 weeks in the USA before returning to Manchester for more chemo.
And after that, Ethan went back to school.
But a later scan showed that the cancer had returned – and this time, it had spread to his lungs.
Even then, Ashley said, he never complained.After his cancer returned a third time, he asked to go home
After a further eight months of treatment at The Christie hospital, Ethan relapsed again two months ago.
He stopped responding to treatment and became increasingly sick.
At that point, he asked to be taken home.
“He was in pain and it got harder and harder. He said ‘I want to go home mummy’,” Ashley said.
“At home he was still bossing me and his dad about. We were all sat around as a family talking about memories.”
He passed away peacefully on the evening of April 6, surrounded by his family and holding onto his mum’s hand.
What is rhabdomyosarcoma?Rhabdomyosarcoma is a type of soft tissue cancer.
It usually begins in muscles that are attached to bones and that help the body move.
Fewer than 60 children are diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma in the UK each year. Most of them are younger than 10 years old.
Saying that, it’s still the most common of the soft tissue sarcomas in children.
Tumours develop from muscle or fibrous tissue and can grow in any part of the body. The most common areas of the body to be affected are around the head and neck, bladder, testes, uterus or vagina.
Symptoms tend to depend on which part of the body is affected:

A tumour in the head or neck area can sometimes cause a blockage (obstruction) and discharge from the nose or throat. Occasionally, an eye may appear swollen and protruding
A tumour in the abdomen (tummy) can cause pain or discomfort in the abdomen and difficulty going to the toilet (constipation)
A tumour in the bladder may cause symptoms such as blood in the urine and difficulty passing urine

Source: Macmillan

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AS well as paying tribute to her “amazing little boy”, Ashley is trying to raise awareness of how dangerous constipation can turn out to be for young children.
“Something so simple turned into something so dangerous and I urge any parents to keep pushing at the doctors if their child’s constipation does not go away.”
The family have now set up a GoFundMe page to cover Ethan’s funeral costs and a 5th birthday celebration for him.
MEN Media His parents first knew something was wrong when the tot started to suffer from chronic constipation
MEN Media Despite travelling to Florida for treatment, the cancer came back and continued to spread

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