Lidl reduces sell-out £300 inflatable hot tub to £250

Lidl reduces sell-out £300 inflatable hot tub to £250

LIDL has slashed the cost of its inflatable hot tubs from £299 to £249, becoming the latest supermarket to join a price war.
Only yesterday, the discount supermarket said it was bringing back the sell-out garden gadgets, but it was quickly beaten in price by Tesco.
Lidl Lidl is reducing the cost of its sell-out hot tub by £50
Tesco was selling the CleverSpa Amalfi Hot Tub for £385 but has reduced the pool by 31 per cent to £265 as part of its ongoing centenary celebrations.
Last month, Aldi also brought back its even pricier £349.99 version, which has since sold out online.
Lidl’s pop-up tub can heat up to a toasty 42C to warm you up on a cool summer night, and it’ll roll out in stores this Sunday – May 19.
It also comes with 118 air jets and has a huge 700 litre capacity. It takes just six minutes to assemble and inflates via a remote control so you don’t have to do any pumping.
Tesco The hot tub at Tesco is more expensive setting you back £265
The remote also lets you control the temperature and how many bubbles you have.
The garden prop has an 1.8 metre diameter just like Tesco’s, meaning they’re both big enough to fit four people inside comfortably.
That’s also the same size as a rival Lay-Z Spa inflatable hot tub on sale at B&M and B&Q.
This sets you back roughly the same as Lidl’s at £250, but it doesn’t get quite as hot, with a maximum temperature of 40C.
Meanwhile, Aldi’s tub is slightly bigger with a 2.01 metre diameter, but you’ll have to carefully consider whether the higher price tag is worth it.
Built-in hot tubs usually cost thousands of pounds so inflatable versions are much more affordable.
They often take around six hours to heat up the water.
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If you’re looking for slightly cheaper garden accessories, Lidl is also selling an inflatable adventure padding pool for kids for £35.
Alternativel, Aldi is selling a fire pit that can also be used as a BBQ for £50.
Aldi also has an outdoor log burner that is on sale right now.
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