Lidl is selling amazing jungle and pirate adventure inflatable paddling pools for £35

Lidl is selling amazing jungle and pirate adventure inflatable paddling pools for £35

DISCOUNT supermarket Lidl is selling two adventure-themed kids’ paddling pools – and they look like a lot of fun.
One is shaped like a pirate ship, while the other has a jungle theme and comes with inflatable animals and a slide.
Lidl Lidl is selling two adventure paddling pools, including one with a jungle theme
The £34.99 Playtive Junior Kids’ Adventure Paddling Pools come with an inflatable water sprayer so kids can shoot each other.
Both sets also come with a range of inflatable accessories.
The jungle set has a snake archway, inflatable animals, and a ball and hoop game.
Meanwhile, the pirate ship pool comes with inflatable swords and cannon balls that swashbuckling young’uns can pretend to shoot out of a cannon.
Lidl There’s also a pirate ship pool which comes with a cannon to shoot inflatable balls out of
The pools are much bigger than your average paddling play area.
The jungle set is 2.97m long while the pirate ship is 3.4m – so there’s lots of space for little ones to make a splash.

To compare, another pool Lidl is selling is only 202cm long.
Each inflatable part comes with a safety valve to make inflating and deflating a little easier for parents.
And the sets also come with a repair patch for any punctures.
The pools are recommended for kids aged two and up to splash around in.
Lidl The jungle set comes with lots of inflatable animals, a snake archway, a slide, balls and hoops
They also come with a three year warranty, so if it breaks in that time, you can just return it for a free repair or replacement.
The pools will go on sale in the “Middle of Lidl” aisle in stores only from Sunday, May 19 – but you’ll have to be quick if you want one as they’ll be popular.
But as always, shop around to make sure you’re getting the best deal.
Argos is selling an aquarium-themed adventure paddling pool which comes with a slide and inflatable accessories for £30 – £5 cheaper than Lidl’s.
But Lidl’s pool is cheaper than many on Amazon. A dinosaur-themed play pool will set you back £39.99.
To give your lungs a break, Lidl is also selling a foot pump for £5.99 to help you inflate the giant pools.
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If you want a cheaper paddling pool, Lidl has one that comes with cup holders for £14.
And if you’re looking for other ways to spruce up your garden this summer, Aldi is selling a fire pit that can also be used as a BBQ for £50.
Aldi also has an outdoor log burner that is on sale right now.
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