Lidl is selling a SLIME factory for £15 so your kids can make slime, glitter and confetti at home

Lidl is selling a SLIME factory for £15 so your kids can make slime, glitter and confetti at home

IF your offsprings are fans of slime, you’ll be pleased to know that Lidl’s bringing back its slime factory for £14.99.
The kit allows the little ones to make their own mess-free glittery slime, without adding glue.
Lidl The slime factories cost £14.99 at Lidl
The discount supermarket first launched the “So Slime Diy Neon Slime Factory”, which also includes confetti, just before Christmas last year.
It’ll now go on sale in the “Middle of Lidl” aisle in stores only from Sunday – May 19.
The slime factories come with plenty of products to ensure your little ones get creative.
Each one includes a work station, three slime shakers and 10 slime powder sachets.
You also get three tubes, three confetti bags, six glitter bags, four characters as well as a tool and funnel.
The kits are suitable for children from the age of six and above.
Lidl’s price tag is the cheapest one around, but if you miss out on the deal, Smyths Toys is also selling the same kits in a different colour for £14.99.
You’ll have to fork out £20 for the slime factories at Argos, although you can pick up two for £30 until July 27.
Amazon is much more expensive, as the sets are currently up for grabs for £23.99 each.
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