Lidl is bringing back its sell-out £300 inflatable hot tub

Lidl is bringing back its sell-out £300 inflatable hot tub

LIDL is bringing back its sell-out inflatable hot tub this summer – and it’s cheaper than Aldi’s.
The discount supermarket is selling its Inflatable 4-Person Whirlpool Hot Tub for £299 – £50 less than its rival.
Lidl The inflatable hot tub is much cheaper than buying a built-in version
One of this year’s must-have garden accessories, Lidl’s pop-up tub can heat up to a toasty 42C to warm you up on a cool summer night.
It also comes with 118 air jets and has a huge 700 litre capacity.
It takes just six minutes to assemble and inflates via remote control so you don’t have to do any pumping.
The remote also lets you control the temperature and how many bubbles you have.
Lidl The Lidl hot tub takes six minutes to assemble
The garden prop has an 1.8 metre diameter, which is big enough to fit four people inside comfortably.
That’s the same size as a rival Lay-Z Spa inflatable hot tub on sale at B&M and B&Q.
That hot tub is slightly cheaper than Lidl’s at £250, saving you £49.
But it doesn’t get quite as hot as Lidl’s, with a maximum temperature of 40C.
Meanwhile, Aldi’s tub is slightly bigger with a 2.01 metre diameter but it costs £349.99 – £50 more than Lidl’s.
Check out the inflatable Lay-Z-Spa Spa Miami hot tub
Lidl’s hot tub will go on sale from Sunday, May 19 in stores only.
B&M started selling its hot tubs in February for £299.99, before discounting them to £250.
Aldi’s hot tub has already sold out online so you might have to be quick if you want to pick one up from Lidl.
Lidl’s deal is cheaper than other retailers, as a similar gadget costs £379.99 at, while Argos also sells the popular range of Lay-Z Spas from £400.
Built-in hot tubs usually cost thousands of pounds so inflatable versions are much more affordable.
They often take around six hours to heat up the water.
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If you’re looking for slightly cheaper garden accessories, Lidl is also selling an inflatable adventure padding pool for kids for £35.
Alternativel, Aldi is selling a fire pit that can also be used as a BBQ for £50.
Aldi also has an outdoor log burner that is on sale right now.

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