Lesbians are happiest as they’re well-paid and more likely to be promoted, study claims

Lesbians are happiest as they're well-paid and more likely to be promoted, study claims

LESBIANS are the happiest people — because they are well paid, research suggests.
A study claims they are more likely than heterosexual females to get promoted at work, which reflects in their wage.
Getty – Contributor A sexual orientation study showed lesbians to be the happiest
Just behind them on a life satisfaction scale are straight men and women.
But bisexuals are the glummest, with happiness levels on a par with the unemployed or long-term sick.
The findings come from a Swansea University study of nearly 150,000 Britons to unravel the link between sexual orientation and well-being.
Researcher Samuel Mann said: “The high well-being levels of lesbians may be related to their workplace experiences.
“Lesbians earn more than heterosexual women, so they may enjoy some form of reverse discrimination at work in comparison to heterosexual women.
“This is related to employers’ views about women — for example, the lower likelihood of lesbians bearing children.”
Happiness ranking – out of 7

Lesbians: 5.184
Straight men: 5.171
Straight women: 5.166
Gay men: 4,745
Bisexual men: 4,648
Bisexual women: 4,574

The research also found they are more likely to become managers.
Mr Mann said: “This may signal they are doing comparatively well at work and increase their feelings of well-being.”
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Their life satisfaction was 19 per cent higher than bisexuals, who, the researchers suggest, may feel stigmatised.
Mr Mann said: “The loss of well-being associated with being bisexual is comparable to the effect of being unemployed or having ill-health.”
Getty Images – Getty There has been a big step forward in rights for same sex couples around the world over the past decade
I was married to my husband for 18 years and then he transitioned into a woman – now we live happily together as lesbians


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