Lego embraces Disney retro with Steamboat Willie fan-designed set

Lego embraces Disney retro with Steamboat Willie fan-designed set

Animation history meets Lego IdeasThe latest Lego Ideas set is a recreation of Mickey Mouse’s first ever appearance, complete with authentic black & white minifigures.
The Lego Ideas sets are unique amongst all Lego products because they’re originally suggested by, and designed, by fans.
Kids and adults from around the world upload their creations to the Lego Ideas site and then they’re voted on by the community. Lego then comes along and judges any that get over 10,000 votes and considers whether they can turn them into an actual set.
Even if the idea involves a licence that Lego doesn’t currently have, like the recent Flintstones set, they can still get made, but there are already plenty of Lego Disney sets… just none quite like this.

The original design was created by Máté Szabó from Budapest, Hungary and although Lego’s own designers always change some aspects, to ensure the model is as robust as possible, it’s still basically the same concept and Szabó will receive a share of the profits from every sale.
The set’s release comes just after the 90th anniversary of the Steamboat Willie cartoon and Mickey and Minnie Mouse themselves.
The boat has a working crane, steam pipes, and spinning paddle wheels and there’s lots of little details to please animation fans, including Minnie Mouse’s guitar and her music sheet from the original 1928 animation.
The Steamboat Willie set (number 21317) has an RRP of £79.99 and will be on sale from 1 April, although it already has a listing on the Lego shop.
It’s made up of 751 pieces and measures 15cm high and 26cm long.


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