Legion of robot dogs display feat of strength by dragging a truck

Legion of robot dogs display feat of strength by dragging a truck

Boston Dynamics is back with a new video showcasing the unnerving strength and balance of its legion of robot dogs.
The US-based robotics firm has just dropped a new video showing ten SpotMini robot dogs lashed together pulling a truck.
Apparently the incline was ‘one degree’ and the truck was parked in neutral.
It’s a very large, very heavy object and the robots don’t seem to have any trouble shifting the weight.

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The SpotMini is a small four-legged robot that’s powered by batteries and according to the company: ‘comfortably fits in an office or home.’
It weighs 30kg which includes a robotic arm for opening doors and the like. The robots are also fitted with perception sensors which let them sense their surroundings so they can pick up or manipulate objects.

Legion of robot dogs display terrifying strength dragging along a trucks (Boston Dynamics)

Ten SpotMinis managed to haul a truck (Boston Dynamics)These little critters can run for up to 90 minutes on one charge and are now in full on production over in the US.
Boston Dynamics says they ‘will be available for a range of applications soon.’


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