Labour’s ‘soft Brexit’ MPs should stop pretending and be honest with Leave voters — pick a Brexit stance

Labour's 'soft Brexit' MPs should stop pretending and be honest with Leave voters — pick a Brexit stance

A stark choice
THERE has been some rank dishonesty in the past three years, but Labour’s “soft Brexit” squad are in a league of their own.
It is time they were open with their Leave constituents, and voters nationwide.
EPA Labour’s ‘soft Brexit’ MPs should stop pretending and be honest with their Leave constituents and voters nationwide
If they want to cancel Brexit they should finally have the bottle to say so.
If, however, they genuinely want Brexit to go ahead — even a soft one — they can only achieve it by backing Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement.
It cannot be abandoned. It is the only exit door.
The other options are No Deal, which MPs are hell-bent on avoiding, or stopping Brexit via a second referendum or revoking Article 50.
Labour backbenchers talk up compromise. But what concession are they offering?
Do they still seriously suggest Mrs May’s deal is “hard Brexit”? If so, why won’t “hard Brexiteers” back it?
All MPs face a simple choice: Honour the referendum, or unleash chaos.Stop pretending. Pick one.
MPs vote on Brexit deal amendment ‘D’ by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn
March hares
WE expect nonsense from clueless celebs viewing life via rosy Remain-tinted specs.
But we can only marvel at once-serious politicians and pundits claiming a petition to scrap Brexit, or a march through London, are “game-changers”.
Splash News Furiously marching to keep their comfortable status quo does not prove anything new
No sane person is impressed, even by 5.6million Remainers signing a petition.
We know millions want to Remain: 16,141,241 said so on June 23, 2016.
And that required walking to a polling station, not just clicking a mouse.
If we must take the petition seriously, let’s ask why it’s 10million short of the actual vote.
The same applies to those half-million grey-haired Waitrose regulars, their faces painted like EU flags, hoisting snarky little placards demanding to annul the votes of 17.4million mainly working-class people.
Brexit march – Thousands of protesters pour into London for People’s Vote march in desperate bid to kill Brexit
Furiously marching to keep their comfortable status quo.
What does all this protest prove? Remainers want to remain? So what?
Leavers want to leave. And, we’ll bet, in greater numbers.
Empty Cabinet
WHAT a Cabinet of cowards.
Theresa May is the roadblock to her own deal winning approval.
EPA Theresa May is the roadblock to her own deal winning approval but not one Minister raised her departure with her in No10
But yesterday, as The Sun led the clamour for her to announce her departure, not one Minister raised it with her in No10.
These Yes-men and women need a spine.
PM Theresa May gives Brexit statement saying she still doesn’t have the numbers for her deal and outlines the choices facing MPs
CommentTIME’S UP, THERESA Theresa May has shown courage but to deliver Brexit she must RESIGN CommentTREVOR KAVANAGH Michael Gove may rise from the dead to replace Theresa May as PM CommentTONY PARSONS MPs are set to betray the biggest vote ever… they must expect a backlash CommentLiam Halligan PM’s deal is ghastly but it’s our last chance to make Brexit REAL and get out CommentTREVOR KAVANAGH Flawed Brexit, then dignifed Therexit — price of ‘success’ is PM departure CommentTHE SUN SAYS Tory MPs need to be careful endorsing any delay to Brexit which could be fatal
The plot is lost
IS it too much to hope, with Donald Trump cleared of colluding with Russia, that the Brexit conspiracy loons will pack it in too?
It has been revolting to watch the liberal left undermine democratic votes they dislike, here and in the US, with tall tales about foreign interference.
The idea that Vladimir Putin’s malign influence persuaded Leavers is laughable.


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