Labour need to listen to Caroline Flint and stop plotting to thwart Brexit – The Sun

Labour need to listen to Caroline Flint and stop plotting to thwart Brexit – The Sun

WHILE the country is distracted by the Tory leadership election, the plot to thwart Brexit continues.
Day by day Labour inches closer to becoming an out-and-out Remain party, teaming up with the nationalists and Lib Dems to force a second referendum.
4 Labour MP Caroline Flint has warned the party must deliver Brexit or face wipeoutCredit: Reuters
Thank heavens for the rare honesty of Labour MP Caroline Flint, who voted to stay in the EU but says Brexit MUST be delivered, and warns Jeremy Corbyn the party faces wipeout if it breaks its pledge to respect the referendum result.
But sadly, the honourable Labour figures who want to uphold democracy are outnumbered by anti-Brexit schemers such as Tom Watson.
And it’s increasingly obvious a few Tory MPs will join them in trying to block the next Prime Minister’s efforts to take us out of the EU on October 31.
The new PM faces the fight of his life to deliver Brexit. The sound and fury of the leadership drama can’t be allowed to overshadow that.
Nip it in the bud
BORIS Johnson’s enemies are desperate to stop his march to No10.
The latest absurd slur sees him branded a “security risk”.
4 Rivals launched a ‘stop Boris’ campaign in earnest over the weekendCredit: PA:Press Association
The problem is, by staying silent on what exactly happened at his flat last week, Boris is making life easier for those who want to bring him down.
He should listen to the allies who wisely advise him to lay out the facts, then move on. That’s the only way to silence those who just want to blacken Mr Johnson’s name.
It’s then time to switch focus on to the issues the country cares about, such as cutting the tax burden and bolstering public services.
Boris and Jeremy Hunt must get busy detailing their plans for the UK, including at next month’s Sun readers debate.
Khan’t believe it
POLITICAL pipsqueak Sadiq Khan wastes no opportunity to moan about not getting more cash to curb London knife epidemic.
But now we find out he’s splurged £700,000 on a gimmicky “cop shop” which locals say is nearly always closed.
4 Sadiq Khan splurged £700,000 on a gimmicky ‘cop shop’ which locals say is nearly always closedCredit: Getty Images – Getty
That could pay the salaries of two dozen officers to make the streets safer.
When will the capital’s Mayor end the grandstanding, and finally get serious?
Lioness pride
ENGLAND’S Lionesses march on to the quarter-finals of the Women’s World Cup!
4 England are now in the quarter-finals of the Women’s World CupCredit: Reuters
After their performance against Cameroon yesterday, there’s no reason Phil Neville’s team can’t go on and win.
The country is united behind them — it’s like last year’s glorious footballing summer all over again.
Cameroon furious after two controversial VAR decisions go England’s way in the Women’s World Cup round of 16


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