Labour Jewish Movement could abandon Corbyn’s party after 100 years thanks to anti-Semitism scandal

Labour Jewish Movement could abandon Corbyn's party after 100 years thanks to anti-Semitism scandal

LABOUR’S official Jewish movement could split from the party after nearly 100 years, The Sun has learnt.
The Jewish Labour Movement has called an emergency meeting where its members will discuss cutting ties with Jeremy Corbyn’s party.
AFP Jeremy Corbyn has angered the Jewish Labour Movement
Menmbers are furious at the leader’s “abject failure” to kick out anti-Semites.
And some are pushing for the group to follow its parliamentary chairwoman Luciana Berger out of the party and back the gang of seven.
In an email to members last night, JLM lashed Mr Corbyn’s leadership and announced the crunch meeting.
It states: “We have seen the entrenching of a culture of anti-Semitism, obfuscation and denial.
“For our parliamentary chair, Luciana Berger, enough truly was enough.
“Her decision was the culmination of the same dilemma that each of us has been forced to contend with for a very long time.”
We have seen the entrenching of a culture of anti-SemitismJewish Labour Movement
It adds: “Tonight, as members discuss in private and share on social media their own responses to this very same dilemma, it’s right that we come together as a movement and decide collectively where to go from here.”
JLM , which used to be known as Poale Zion, has been an affiliate member of Labour for 99 years.
But there has been growing fury among its ranks at Mr Corbyn’s failure to tackle the anti-Semitism crisis rocking his party.
Many members have already quit in disggust at his leadership – but others have insited the group must stay and fight.
Members of JLM do not have to be a member of Labour, but they are banned from signing up to any rival party.
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One JLM member told The Sun: “Members have been quitting overt Corbyn, but this could be the moment when the organisation says it cannot stay affiliated because it believes Labour has become institutionally anti-Semitic.”
Another told The Sun: “Members are angry. If JLM splits it would be huge. I think the Labour Party is in big, big trouble.”
The emergency meeting is being held on March 7, but The Sun understands that any formal moves to cut ties with Labour will only be tabled at the AGM in April.
AFP Luciana Berger has quit her party over anti-Semitism
Jeremy Corbyn says he regrets that seven MPs ‘No longer remain part of the Labour Party’

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