Labour is selling 17.4m Brits who voted for Brexit down the river to get into No10

Labour is selling 17.4m Brits who voted for Brexit down the river to get into No10

Red for danger
DECEITFUL and dishonest. That’s the only verdict we can deliver on the Labour party.
They claim to vote down Theresa May’s Brexit deal in the national interest.
AFP or licensors Jeremy Corbyn et al are blocking Brexit to grab power and force their Marxist agenda down our throats
But their motivation is transparent, and shameless. They want to crash the Government, trigger a General Election, and reverse the referendum result.
Senior Labour frontbenchers have said, on several occasions, that they’ve got no problem with the withdrawal agreement. And yet in their droves they voted it down on Friday, regardless of the 17.4million votes cast nearly three years ago to leave the EU.
It’s all very well for the Tories to simply assume that Jeremy Corbyn et al will never get near Downing Street – but it would be criminally complacent.
We’ve more or less given up on the Brexiteers who refuse to vote for the PM’s deal, even though their preferred “no deal” is essentially impossible.
But those who are tempted to plump for a permanent customs union in today’s ridiculous indicative vote process must also realise that they could very well trigger an election, with unknowable consequences.
We are at a crucial moment in our history, and the stakes couldn’t be higher.
CCTV captures moment Brexit supporter hits Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn with egg
True blue?
WHEN the Tory leadership contest begins, it is an opportunity for the party to remind the country what it stands for.
You can forgive the public for forgetting. Recently, the “small state” party has been more interested in bans and taxes than delivering for ordinary people.
Reuters Liz Truss’s vision of a reinvigorated Britain proves she is a true blue
So it’s heartening to hear Liz Truss talk about radical overhauls of the planning system and slashing tax. Whoever mounts a challenge for the top job must present a compelling vision of what the Tory party can and will deliver.
More of the same won’t be enough.
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Bring to ’book
FACEBOOK supremo Mark Zuckerberg wants governments to step in to police the wild west of social media.
He’s right that he and his well-paid colleagues have totally lost control, with his social network flooded with terrorist propaganda, hate speech and conspiracy theorists. But rather than take responsibility for it himself, he wants regulators to do his job for him.
AFP or licensors Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his ilk have been marking their own homework for too long
Well, he might get his wish. It’s about time the authorities did step in, making Facebook and their ilk responsible for the content on their platform.
They’ve marked their own homework for too long.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admits the social networking site should be regulated after Christchurch mosque terror attack


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