Labour has dumped the working class for ‘victim’ tribes — the party is over – The Sun

Labour has dumped the working class for ‘victim’ tribes — the party is over – The Sun

I WAS watching Labour’s Foreign Affairs spokesman, Emily Thornberry, on TV the other morning.
I didn’t mean to, she was just there when I came in the room and I couldn’t find the remote. She had that very self-satisfied expression on her face.
6 Under Corbyn, the Labour Party no longer represents the working class it was set up to protectCredit: Getty Images – Getty
6 Emily Thornberry tried to explain why Jeremy Corbyn and the party were so hostile to Donald Trump – but she had no answerCredit: Alamy Live News
Then to stop the interviewer, Piers Morgan, asking her difficult questions, she started gabbling idiocies at 100 words per second. Like a malfunctioning Chatty Cathy doll. It was hilarious. Jabber The Hutt.
She made no sense whatsoever. She appeared deranged.
Thornberry is the best Labour has to offer. She is easily the most persuasive and talented member of Magic Grandpa’s frontbench. Yes, sure, that isn’t saying much. But here she was utterly lost.
And you could see, as she wittered on, the end in sight for a great political party. One I was proud to be a member of for 39 years. A party which was once great, but now makes no sense whatsoever. A party suffused with hypocrisy.
Thornberry was trying to explain why Jeremy Corbyn and the party were so hostile to Donald Trump. And she had no answer. How could she, when Corbyn is happy to call terrorists his friends — but has no time for the democratically elected leader of the free world?
When Corbyn and his cronies offer support for Socialist catastrophes such as Venezuela. Or totalitarian dictatorships such as Cuba, where trade unionists and homosexuals are imprisoned.
Under Corbyn Labour has become a party of educationally challenged, far-left, perpetual adolescents, hostile not only to all of Britain’s allies but to Britain itself. It no longer represents the working class it was set up to protect. If it represents anyone at all it is the affluent, virtue-signalling, metropolitan middle class. And even they are drifting away from Labour, appalled by its rank anti-Semitism.
This genuinely could be the end of Labour. Despite the worst Government in living memory, it still struggles to hold a lead in the polls. In the Euro elections it was beaten out of sight by the Lib Dems and lost ten seats. Unheard of for the official opposition party! It’s only a matter of time before the Greens overtake Labour.
Labour dumped the working class because it thought it could rely on the host of tribes in the UK, some of whom consider themselves victims. Gays, transgender people, Muslims, feminists, black and ethnic minorities.
But the trouble is, those supposed “victims” do not agree with each other, or wish to be portrayed as victims.
Some radical feminists don’t like the transgender activists, some Muslims don’t have much time for the gays or the feminists. So the whole thing has fallen apart. And it has fallen apart because it is based on a fallacy.
Some Labour MPs have already deserted the party to join the hilarious Change UK.
They would have been better off joining the Lib Dems. Other decent Labour MPs — Kate Hoey, Frank Field, Caroline Flint — soldier on in the hope that Magic Grandpa will one day be gone. They’ve been hoping that for four years, but there’s no sign of it happening. The truth is, the party is lost to them.
Many commentators have suggested that Brexit may see the end of the Tory Party.
So it might. But more surely, it will see the end of the Labour Party. It is ideologically bankrupt. It has outlived its useful purpose.
Piers Morgan and Emily Thornberry clash in a heated debate over the state visit of Donald Trump
SD-Plea, vote PAT
THE Brexit Party looks set to win today’s important by-election in Peterborough.
People are rightly furious that the liberal establishment and the major parties have effectively thwarted the people’s will. They want to teach Labour and the Conservatives a lesson.
6 If you are a Leave voter there’s only one candidate to vote for in Peterborough – Patrick O’Flynn of the SDP
I voted for Nigel Farage’s party in the Euro elections – but I wouldn’t dream of doing so in Peterborough.
They have no policies, other than Brexit. And their candidate is making stuff up on the hoof. Champagne for everyone! This is utterly dishonest.
The truth Nigel and Co are not telling voters is that the Brexit Party is deeply hostile to the working class.
Farage has talked about privatising the NHS. He has no time for nationalising our energy companies, or decreasing the divide between rich and poor in our country.
OK, I’m biased – as you can see from the above photo. But if you are a Leave voter but care about social equality too, there’s only one candidate to vote for in Peterborough – Patrick O’Flynn of the SDP.What about Roderick?
CONGRATS to Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy on the birth of their baby boy.
Crouchie joked the kid would be called Divock Samrat, after the Liverpool striker Origi and his favourite curry house.
6 Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy have just had a baby boyCredit: Getty – Contributor
Abbey’s not having it, though.
So here’s a thought – what about Roderick? Nobody calls their kids Roderick any more.
Actually, nobody ever did, apart from my mum and dad. And I was lucky, it was almost Sebastian.
Anyone else fancies a go?
THE Conservative Party is dying on its feet. But there are still plenty of munchkins who fancy being its boss.
There were a dozen candidates until Tuesday, when one bloke I’ve never heard of pulled out.
Several more people nobody has heard of fancy a go. Boris Johnson is favourite, of course – but the Tories are weird people and rarely, if ever, choose the front runner.
If they’re sensible they’ll go for someone who is actually conservative – someone like Esther McVey. Or Priti Patel if she chucks her hat in the ring.
C’mon Priti, everybody else seems to be having a go.

Typical Khan-do attitude
LOUIS Farrakhan is a foul piece of work.
A vile Muslim rabble rouser from the United States and deeply anti-semitic. He has described Judaism as a “gutter religion”.
He has called Jewish people “bloodsuckers”. And he described Adolf Hitler as being a “great man.”
So who would defend a piece of crap like this? Who would say of him: “Mr Farrakhan is not anti-Semitic and does not preach a message of racial hatred and antagonism”?
Step right up – Sadiq Khan, London’s mayor, and the man who has spent the last couple of years flinging insults at Donald Trump.
You know where you are with the Labour Party, don’t you?
Always available to support Jew-haters or anyone who despises our culture and way of life.
Always available to be contemptuous of our friends and allies.
Only she’s right
DID you see the face of that woman protesting about Donald Trump’s visit?
She is called Siobhan and screamed “Nazi!” at a bloke who was supporting the US President.
6 It was a face contorted with hatred, full of rage and spiteCredit: Twitter/mattuthompson ‏
It was a face contorted with hatred, full of rage and spite. Just because someone disagreed with her. Everyone who disagrees with her is a Nazi. Only she is right.
Siobhan has since apologised, kind of. But it cuts no ice with me. Nor was I surprised she worked in the NHS. It’s always nurses and teachers – the public sector – who are out on these fatuous demos, week in, week out.
They’re the only people who have time to go on them.
Boost nuclear power
THOROUGHLY enjoyed Sky and HBO’s series Chernobyl.
It was a great reminder of the sheer grimness, ineptitude and brutality of the old Soviet Union.
As we now know, the reactor at Chernobyl had a flawed design. But layers of bureaucracy and Communist Party bullying prevented the experts from doing anything about it.
Mind you, it is worth remembering that this was by far and away the worst ever disaster at a nuclear plant, anywhere. And the number of dead?
Just 31. When it happened the anti-nuclear lobby predicted hundreds of thousands of later deaths from cancers. This does not seem to have happened at all. The second worst ever nuclear catastrophe? The one in Fukushima, Japan, in 2011. Total number of deaths from radiation? At the very most – just one, and that is disputed.
Nuclear power is by far and away the safest means of generating electricity.
More people have died building or maintaining wind turbines than have died as the consequence of nuclear power

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Boycotting the haters
THE slightly odd Brexit Party MEP Ann Widdecombe has said that “science might provide an answer” to being gay.
I’m not entirely sure what Widders means, or what medication she was on when she said it.
6 I’m not entirely sure what medication Widdercombe was on when she said ‘science might provide an asnwer’ to being gayCredit: PA:Press Association
Anyway, she was booked to do a one-woman show in Ilfracombe, Devon. But the boss of the company staging the show has sacked her.
David Hutchinson, a virtue- signalling idiot who can only tolerate opinions which concur with his own, said he was “disgusted” by Widdecombe’s comments.
Well sure, maybe. And that means that people who might have a different point of view to yours should not be allowed to talk to the public? This story is about a bigot. And the bigot isn’t Widdecombe.
The best way to counteract this sort of fascistic intolerance is to hit them where it hurts. Hutchinson runs a company called Selladoor. So, here’s a suggestion. Don’t attend any of its events.
Jeremy Corbyn refuses to say if ally Pete Willsman will be kicked out of Labour after he was suspended in anti-semitism row


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