Knitter, 62, brings cheer to bollards with snazzy character covers

Knitter, 62, brings cheer to bollards with snazzy character covers

(Picture: Oldland Knitted Bollards)In a world of litterers and artists with terrible graffiti tags, we should all aspire to be more like Ruth Britton.
Ruth is a 62 year old woman living in Oldham Common, South Gloucestershire. She knits cosy covers for the two bollards outside her home.
Why? Because bollards look plain and Ruth wanted to jazz them up.
She started her project, which now has a Facebook page with over 1,000 followers, back in 2015, and has since knitted 20 characters to cover her bollards.
So far she’s transformed the bollards into Marge and Homer Simpson, Daleks, Minions, Gnasher from Dennis the Menace, and Batman.
At Christmas the bollards were transformed into Santa and Rudolph, and for Remembrance Day she knitted a special poppy cover.

(Picture: Oldland Knitted Bollards)Back in 2018 Ruth was granted an award for her knitting from Bitton Parish Council’s Bitton in Bloom.
But as delightful as her creations are, they’ve somehow managed to attract vandalism.
Ruth told BBC that her Marge Simpson was torn from the bollard and thrown into a hedge this week, and previously Kevin the Minion has been nicked.

(Picture: Oldland Knitted Bollards)A few months back ‘someone tried to take Yoda and caused some damage’, meaning he required some serious repairs where a hole was ripped.
Ruth usually puts the bollard covers out in the morning and takes them back inside before it gets dark, but Marge was snatched when she forgot to return her home.
Now all the covers are padlocked on to the bollards to protect them from cruel people that wish to deprive bollards of their cosies.
Ruth’s daughter, who looks after the Facebook page for Ruth’s project, wrote: ‘Today between 5.30-7pm Marge Simpson was ripped from the bollard and thrown in to a hedgerow before a kind person found and returned her (thank you!)

(Picture: Oldland Knitted Bollards)‘My amazing mum spends hours and hours knitting each bollard cover that she puts out. She’s amazingly talented but the time and effort that she puts in to each one is huge.
‘This isn’t the first time that one of her knitted creations has been stolen or vandalised, it’s happened number of times.
‘She knits them for the community to see, for commuters on their way to work, children and families on their way to school and nursery, dog walkers and anyone passing by! Just to try and put a smile on someone’s face for a few seconds.

(Picture: Oldland Knitted Bollards)‘The reactions and cards from other kind locals has been her reason to keep knitting after previous creations have been vandalised and stolen, but I really can’t tell you how disheartening it is to see something that has had so much effort put in to it damaged.
‘If you don’t see any knitted creatures it is because they are in need of a break’
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Thankfully, Ruth won’t let the hate stop her from doing her thing.
She’s in the process of repairing her Marge cover and plans to keep making new characters.
You go, Ruth.
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