Kim Kardashian’s house labelled ‘unseasoned’ as fans react to sinks explanation

Kim Kardashian's house labelled 'unseasoned' as fans react to sinks explanation

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So Kim Kardashian has set the record straight on the whole palaver about her sinks, after punters raised their eyebrows at her interesting bathroom set up.
She even threw in a free tour of her light switches and bedroom situation, even though no one asked for that.
Now she has, though, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has unlocked a Pandora’s Box of perplexed fans who have way more questions and comments.
First it was all about her interesting sinks and how they functioned.
Last week following Kim’s Vogue 73 Questions interview, viewers were left dumb-founded by her basin-less sinks.
Like, how does she not get water all over the shop every time she washed her hands?
Thankfully, she answered all that in her Instagram Stories overnight by showing us just how the taps work.

Finally people have answers…or do they? (Picture: @kimkardashian/Instagram)Way too keen to show off the rest of her swanky home that is basically a soulless pit of a mausoleum, she let us know her light switches don’t come in a box.
The more you know.

Her light switches are a bit interesting, too (Picture: @kimkardashian/Instagram)As a way to separate us from the elite, it seems light switches are the latest accessory to tamper with and it’s just wrong.
But then when we ventured into her bedroom, her little sister Khloe Kardashian encouraged Kim to show us her TV. Apparently.

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Chilling on her bed, she aimed the camera at the floor a few feet from the foot of her bed, where a TV unit very slowly (so slowly) started to rise up.
You wouldn’t want to be running late in catching the latest episode of Strictly because the speed at which this telly rose from the floor would have you missing the first Samba.

Branding on point, as the TV rose up (Picture: @kimkardashian/Instagram)While we’re very appreciative of the tour, most of us were even more confused at how someone who has so much money can have so much…nothing.
The internet was awash with curious fans who voiced their distaste for her aptly-described ‘unseasoned’ house – devoid of anything warm or hinting there is a family of five that lives within.

‘Kim Kardashian’s house looks so unseasoned,’ one simply noted as we nodded in agreement.
Another suggested Kim’s house looked like a hospital.
Pretty swanky hospital, if you ask us.
‘Not sure how i feel about Kim Kardashian’s house, but I looove her bathroom,’ one added. ‘Also, how do they manage to keep their house so clean with 3 little kids?’
And the rest of us just felt incredibly poor.
It wasn’t all negative Nancy-town online, though, as many vibed on the interior design.
‘Did y’all see @KimKardashian TV coming out from the floor!!!’ one very excited fan wrote.
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‘Like I don’t care what anyone has to say about the house “being cold”, I think it’s hella dope and also I’m sure the kids rooms are tailored for them and those kids look hella happy!’
Hey, maybe she has a fridge full of North West’s finger paintings, who knows? But from what we’ve seen, her description of home as ‘minimal monetary’ was right on the money.

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