Kim Jong-un arrives on armoured train for second summit with Donald Trump as US President calls for end to North Korea nukes

Kim Jong-un arrives on armoured train for second summit with Donald Trump as US President calls for end to North Korea nukes

DESPOT Kim Jong-un has arrived in Vietnam for his second summit showdown with Donald Trump as the US President vowed to get tough on North Korean nukes.
Grinning broadly, the dictator stepped off an armoured train before being driven to the capital, Hanoi, in a bulletproof Mercedes limo for crunch talks with Trump.
AFP or licensors North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has arrived in Vietnam on an armoured train
AP:Associated Press Trump was seen boarding Air Force One ahead of the crunch talks with Kim
REUTERS Kim is being driven to Hanoi in a bulletproof Mercedes limousine surrounded by jogging security guards
Meanwhile Trump jetted off on Air Force One for what he predicted will be a “very productive summit” which will kick off with a private dinner on Wednesday.
“Heading over to Vietnam for my meeting with Kim Jong Un. Looking forward to a very productive Summit”, Trump tweeted.
Following a historic first meeting in Singapore in June, the world will be looking for concrete progress in stopping North Korea’s nuclear programme.
Trump reasserted his hopes for complete denuclearization ahead of the summit.
“I think we’ll have a very tremendous summit,” he told the nation’s governors during their meeting at the White House on Monday morning.’WE WANT DENUCLEARISATION’
“We want denuclearization, and I think he’ll have a country that will set a lot of records for speed in terms of an economy.”
The US president dangled the carrot of economic progress for North Korea if it gives up its nuclear programme.
“With complete Denuclearization, North Korea will rapidly become an Economic Powerhouse,” tweeted Trump.
“Without it, just more of the same. Chairman Kim will make a wise decision!”
Relations between the two leaders have undergone a dramatic turnaround, from flinging personal insults and threats of destruction to Trump declaring he had fallen “in love” with Kim after their Singapore get-together.
But many North Korea watchers dismissed the Singapore summit as a piece of political theatre that failed to produce a concrete roadmap to denuclearisation.
“The window for diplomatic progress with North Korea will not remain open indefinitely.
“The second summit between President Donald Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un must emphasise substance over pageantry,” said Kelsey Davenport from the Arms Control Association.
White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters aboard Air Force One that the two leaders would have dinner together on Wednesday with close advisors.
Trump will be joined by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney.
Kim will also have two aides present and both men will have translators.
Trump and Kim will then hold a series of official meetings on Thursday.
Kim is being accompanied in Vietnam by a group of top lieutenants including his influential younger sister, Kim Yo Jong.
Officials in Hanoi said they only had about 10 days to prepare for the summit.
This is much less than the nearly two months Singapore had before the first Trump-Kim meeting last year – but authorities vowed to provide airtight security for the two leaders.
“Security will be at the maximum level,” Vietnamese Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Le Hoai Trung told reporters.
The ultra-tight security will be appreciated by North Korean authorities, who are extremely vigilant about the safety of Kim, the third member of his family to rule the North with absolute power.
Kim’s decision to take a train, not a plane, may have been influenced by the better ability to control security.
In the run-up to the summit, Trump appeared to lower US demands for Pyongyang, repeatedly saying there was no rush to rid the North of its arsenal as long as missile and nuclear tests stopped.
“I don’t want to rush anybody. I just don’t want testing. As long as there’s no testing, we’re happy,” said Trump.
He also hinted that more summits would follow the Hanoi meeting, reducing expectations of a dramatic breakthrough in the Vietnamese capital.
Pyongyang insists it has already taken major steps, by not testing ballistic missiles or nuclear weapons for more than a year, and blowing up the entrances to its atomic test site.
The North also wants increased security guarantees, which could come in the form of a declaration of an end to the 1950-53 Korean War — that ended with an armistice instead of a full peace treaty — or opening liaison offices.
“I believe that the possibility is there,” South Korea’s presidential Blue House spokesman Kim Eui-kyeom told reporters about a formal declaration to end the war.
“There is no way of knowing what kind of declaration it might be, but I believe the US and North Korea may reach an agreement.”
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Such a declaration would signal the first stage of normalising US-North Korean relations, said Go Myong-hyun of the Asan Institute of Policy Studies, and would be an ideal “politically symbolic step” rather than prematurely agreeing to sanctions relief.
Harry Kazianis of the Center for the National Interest said Trump and Kim need to take “at least one step forward on denuclearisation” in Hanoi.
“Nothing would be worse than for either side to come out of the meeting as if it was a waste of time,” he said.
AFP or licensors Kim, dressed in his trademark dark Mao suit, waved at the crowds
Reuters Kim’s decision to take a train, not a plane, may have been influenced by the better ability to control security
Reuters The despot arrived at the Dong Dang railway station on the China-Vietnam border
Reuters Vietnamese troops in crisp white uniforms and black boots stood at attention to welcome Kim on a red carpet
tronghai@gmail.com__0977774050__ Security was tight before the train’s arrival in Dandong, with police cordoning off the border bridge area with tape and metal barriers
Reuters His security guards were seen running alongside the heavily armoured limo
AP:Associated Press Trump said he hoped it would be a ‘very productive summit’


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