Killer robots with a CONSCIENCE being developed by Aussie army amid fears military AI bots will commit atrocities

Killer robots with a CONSCIENCE being developed by Aussie army amid fears military AI bots will commit atrocities

KILLER robots are being developed to have morals by the Australian Defence Force amid fears the bots will commit atrocities.
The Aussie military is set to spend £2.68million ($5million AUS) to find ways to make the AI robots behave in an ethical manner.
AP:Associated Press Killer robots are being developed to have a moral compass
Robots are increasingly being used in the military but many fear that because they don’t have a moral compass they could commit war crimes when left to their own devices, reports.
Researchers at the University of New South Wales in Canberra and the University of Queensland are finding ways to program the machines to behave the way humans would want them to.
They need to identify what humans believe to be right and wrong and a team of ethicists and engineers working out the technical ways to embed morality into robots.
The work is expected to involve surveying members of the public and military on what they believe is acceptable behaviour.
Dr Jai Galliott, who has a background in philosophy and the military, is leading the research.
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Galliott said: “The idea is to figure out when a human would say ‘stop’, and build that into the system.”
There are two parts to the installing the technology: the first is determining what is right and wrong, and second is to embed it into robots.
Engineers are hoping to develop technologies, like pattern recognition, so war robots will be able recognise movements to identify targets and non-targets.
This research will hopefully pave a way to program future missiles to recognise large, moving civilian objects to avoid hitting them.
Getty – Contributor The Australian Defence Force are developing the AI bots to have a conscience amid fears they would commit atrocities
Getty – Contributor The Aussie military is set to spend more than £2million achieve this endeavour
Why do humans often feel the urge to fight back against robots?

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