Keeping Corbyn’s Marxists out of power is an even more important task for the Tories than Brexit

Keeping Corbyn's Marxists out of power is an even more important task for the Tories than Brexit

Tory suicide
THERE is no task more important to the warring Tory Party than keeping Corbyn’s Marxists out of power. No, not even Brexit.
The hard-left extremists running ­Labour would inflict more real harm on Britain in weeks than even the most deranged Brexit scaremongers can imagine.
EPA Tory backbenchers could help put Jeremy Corbyn in power if the fail to back the PM’s Brexit deal
Which is why blood-curdling threats from wannabe Tory martyrs to bring down their own Government if they don’t get their way are so insane.
Both wings need to get a grip. But Remainers, like Nick Boles and Amber Rudd, also need to wake up to how their party has changed. It is not the Cameron outfit of three years ago. Brexit has changed it, for the time being at least.
The Tories are polling a healthy 40 per cent only because of Leave voters. They are the Leave party. No one knows what Labour is — that’s partly why its ratings are in freefall.
So it will be fatal to the Tories if they betray 17.4million voters by failing to secure Brexit on or around March 29 — and preside over a delay long enough to enable Boles’s unsustainable Norway- Plus sham, or even a new referendum.
In a snap election millions of Leavers or natural Tories would never vote for Corbyn. Instead they would stay at home or maybe opt for Nigel Farage’s new party once it emerges.  Either will annihilate the Tories and put Corbyn in power.
Theresa May’s Brexit deal is not as good as the Government claims, nor quite as bad as its detractors believe. Most Leavers vastly prefer No Deal and fair enough. We just do not believe they will ever get it. Remainers will do anything to prevent it.
Mrs May’s deal gets Brexit over the line, as Michael Gove argues.  It avoids a far, far softer one.  It kills off a second referendum. And the future is then up for grabs.
We greatly admire Tory backbenchers who have stuck to the Brexit promises on which they were elected. But if today they still cannot swallow their pride, hold their noses and back this deal, we fear the consequences.
Their party may well pay a terrible price — and the country with it.
Footy clamp
THE best way to prevent morons invading football pitches and punching players is to make them a hate figure in the stands.
PA:Press Association So-called ‘fans’ like Paul Mitchell should be vilified by their club
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Some idiots at Birmingham City cheered and clapped Paul Mitchell as he was escorted away after his sickening assault on Villa’s Jack Grealish. That’s exactly what he wanted.
But if a club is docked points, or ordered to play its next half-dozen home games behind closed doors, fans won’t be laughing any longer.
The next thug tempted to pull such a stunt would know they risk being vilified by every fan at the club.
Theresa May uses Bible reading to send barbed message to EU that they need a good Brexit deal as well


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