Just one in eight children sees a dentist before they turn two

Just one in eight children sees a dentist before they turn two

ONLY one in eight kids sees a dentist before they turn two, a study reveals.
Rotten tooth extraction is the biggest reason for young children being admitted to hospital.
Getty – Contributor Sweets and sugary drinks are being blamed for rotten tooth extraction
Experts say parents should take tots for a check-up after their first tooth appears — and no later than their first birthday. But only three per cent of children in England visited a dentist before they reached 12
months. Just 12 per cent got seen a year after that, according to NHS figures from 2016/17.
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Birmingham University experts were surprised to find poorer kids  were more likely to visit the dentist. Candy Salomon-Ibarra said: “We antici­pated higher  attendance in more affluent local authorities.”
Removing kids’ teeth cost the NHS £39million in 2017/18. More than 45,000 under-18s  had teeth taken out. Cases are up nearly a fifth in five years, with sugary food and drink blamed.
The British Dental Association said: “We need real engagement in schools and nurseries.”
Getty – Contributor Removing kids teeth cost the NHS £39million



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