Jeremy Corbyn’s office blocked suspension of John Prescott’s ‘sex pest’ son David – The Sun

Jeremy Corbyn’s office blocked suspension of John Prescott’s ‘sex pest’ son David – The Sun

JEREMY Corbyn faced a new crisis as it was revealed his office blocked the suspension of John Prescott’s son.
David Prescott, 49, had been accused of making “unwarranted sexual advances” towards a young Labour MP.
2 Jeremy Corbyn with former Labour deputy prime minister John PrescottCredit: PA:Press Association
She also passed on allegations in 2017 that he was “forceful, rude and aggressive” to two female students  after they “refused” to have sex with him.
One of the alleged incidents is from 1993 when Mr Prescott is said to have defecated on the floor as revenge, according to the Sunday Times.
Leaked emails from 2017 show Mr Corbyn’s chief of staff Karie Murphy rejected a formal recommendation from Labour’s governance body to suspend him.
Instead she suggested Mr Prescott — a key Corbyn adviser — be given paid leave pending an investigation, because the complaint wasn’t in writing.
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The MP is said to have told Ms Murphy and Mr Corbyn her concerns in a secret meeting.
A Labour spokesman said: “The party takes all complaints of sexual harassment extremely seriously. In this case, no formal complaint was received.”
Mr Prescott, whose dad was Deputy PM for Tony Blair, is understood to deny all allegations.
2 John Prescott and his son DavidCredit: Rex Features



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