Jeremy Corbyn plans to hit drivers by snatching £1.3bn a year of car tax cash to fund buses

Jeremy Corbyn plans to hit drivers by snatching £1.3bn a year of car tax cash to fund buses

LABOUR has revealed plans to spank motorists yet again by snatching £1.3billion a year of car tax money to fund buses.
Cash raised from Vehicle Excise Duty is currently ring-fenced to repair England’s crumbling roads.
Reuters Jeremy Corbyn plans to raid car tax money to fund buses
But Jeremy Corbyn wants to raid the pot to pay to extend bus routes as he desperately tries to woo voters ahead of local elections.
Critics accused Labour of clobbering hard-working families yet again.
It comes just a month after Labour said they could whack up fuel and flight taxes if they get into No10.
Tory MP Robert Halfon told The Sun: “Millions of people depend on their cars, yet Labour wants to take motorists for a ride.
“This will hit hard working families, and small businesses.
“We should be cutting the cost of living, not increasing it.”
Howard Cox, from Fair Fuel UK, said: “From paying the new toxic charges and being the highest taxed drivers in the world, there is only so much politics can continue to squeeze out of motorists.
“When are these clueless ill-informed decision makers going to instead, scrap HS2, cut overseas aid and use those billions to improve our third world quality road infrastructure and public transport?”
Labour will today unveil their plans to reverse cuts to 3,000 bus routes across the country.
They want to bankroll the expensive pledge by using car tax cash.
Labour say they will fund the black hole this leaves in road budgets by borrowing more money.
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Mr Corbyn said: “Bus services have been devastated by nine years of austerity.
“Bus networks are essential for towns and cities and for tackling rural poverty and isolation, which is why Labour is committed to creating thriving bus networks under public ownership.”
Marcus Jones MP, Tory vice chairman for local government, said: “Labour have already spent the pot of money they claim would fund this proposal, meaning they would have to clobber motorists with tax hikes and slash funding for road repairs to pay for it.”
Getty Images – Getty Jeremy Corbyn says bus services have been ‘devastated by nine years of austerity’
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