Jamie Oliver blasted for unhealthy snack range – with one croissant FOUR TIMES fattier than McDonald’s hamburger

Jamie Oliver blasted for unhealthy snack range - with one croissant FOUR TIMES fattier than McDonald's hamburger

JAMIE Oliver’s latest range includes snacks with four times more fat than a McDonald’s hamburger and as many calories.
One of the treats has six times more salt than a portion of McDonald’s fries.
_TaraFisher TV chef Jamie Oliver has been called a hypocrite for his unhealthy new food range
Many of the items have been found to be high in fat, sugar and salt
Another sold at 500 service stations has up to twice as much sugar as a McDonald’s apple pie.
The chef and healthy food campaigner, 43, is accused of hypocrisy over the £5million deal with Shell.
On his website he says: “Instead of producing convenient food that’s high in salt, sugar and unhealthy fat, we should be making healthier options more accessible.”
But just three of 81 items in the Jamie Oliver Deli by Shell are low in fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt.
A croissant has 38.12g of fat compared with 8.3g in a McDonald’s hamburger. His ham and cheese melt has 2.66g of salt but small fries have 0.44g.
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His carrot cake has 20.85g of sugar but a McDonald’s apple pie just 9.5g. And his BLT sarnie has 551 calories while a Big Mac has 508.
Tam Fry, of the National Obesity Forum, said: “He knows better.”
Jamie’s spokesman said: “Some of the more indulgent items are occasional foods.”
Getty – Contributor The 43-year-old is known for his campaigns against unhealthy foods, leaving many surprised by his new range
Jamie Oliver launches new range of healthy wraps and sandwiches to be sold in Shell petrol garages



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