ITV’s Hatton Garden cast revealed

ITV's Hatton Garden cast revealed

HATTON Garden is the upcoming ITV drama that was supposed to have aired two years ago before being mysteriously pulled from the network’s line-up.
The reason for its delayed premiere is almost as twisted as the real-life heist itself. So what is the latest on the show, who is in the cast and what did they think of the 2015 ordeal?
Stuart Wood Hatton Garden is the new series on ITV
Who is in the cast of ITV’s Hatton Garden?
Timothy Spall plays Terry Perkins
Timothy plays an elderly criminal with diabetes.
His character Terry Perkins is determined to pull off one last heist before he retires, so there’s a great amount of pressure on him to succeed.
Kenneth Cranham plays criminal mastermind Brian Reader
Kenneth Cranham plays Brian Reader
Kenneth is the boss of the Hatton Garden heist and he’s not exactly easy to work with.
He is super impatient and can be quite the dictator when it comes to his team.
Alex Norton plays Kenny Collins
Alex Norton plays Kenny Collins
Alex plays the role of Kenny Collins, who viewers will see as the getaway driver in the ITV series.
He is the guy who drives the van from all sorts of locations including Hatton Garden, while also being the team’s lookout during the heist.
Geoff Bell stars as Carl Wood
Geoff Bell plays Carl Wood
He is one of the younger characters that’s brought in on the big heist after being convinced by his friends and Danny Jones.
Carl is very nervous about the plan, with his main worry being that they will get caught and all the hard work was for nothing.
David Hayman takes on the role of criminal Danny Jones
David Hayman plays Danny Jones
David’s character Danny Jones is a professional at this sort of thing – he has several convictions to his name already, so he won’t lose much either way.
Danny is one of the key members of the team because he is thoroughly needed for the physical elements of the plan that Terry and Brian have no knowledge of.
Brian F O’Byrne plays Michael Seed
Brían F O’Byrne plays Basil
This character is a genius when it comes to all things concerning electronics and alarms systems.
Brian recruits him in the series to help with the heist, consequently helping the group get in and out of Harron Garden without ever being detected.
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What did they really think about the 2015 heist?
Timothy Spall says that he refuses to judge the men for the crimes they committed in 2015.
By forming his opinions on these characters that are based on real events, it wouldn’t allow Timothy to embody the role with a non-judgmental mindset.
Otherwise, he says he wouldn’t have been able to pull the role off.
He said: “Whatever my opinions are about characters, I always try to play them as a human being, as textured and with as much depth as I can. It’s important to me, whatever character I play, that I give them the best shot.
“Many people lost their livelihoods because of this crime. A very strong subplot in our drama shows the consequences of what they’ve done. The idea that it is a victimless crime is a misnomer”.


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