ITV’s Cheat turns off MILLIONS of shocked viewers before episode 4 finale even aired

ITV's Cheat turns off MILLIONS of shocked viewers before episode 4 finale even aired

ITV’s scandalous new drama Cheat is losing viewers nearly as quickly as characters Rose and Adam hopped into bed together during episode 2.
Over two million people turned off the second instalment of the thriller, which stars Katherine Kelly and Molly Windsor.
Katherine Kelly stars as Leah in the sexy ITV thriller
While an audience of 5.1m people tuned in during the first episode on Monday, just 2.5million decided to watch Tuesday night’s episode.
The mass exodus comes after a string of eye-popping scenes, including the brutal murder of a cat and several racy sex scenes, including one which saw lecturer Leah Dale pleasuring herself in a toilet.
Droves of viewers have also complained that the four-part drama jumps between the past and the present. So far fans have watched as Dr Leah, played by Katherine, has been deceived by her husband Adam – who cheated on her with Molly’s character Rose.
And it’s only going to get more warped, as Adam will soon be brown bread with either Leah or Rose delivering the fatal blow.
Rose is played by Molly Windsor
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Ex-Coronation Street star Katherine said of the new drama: “It eats plot in the way American shows do – it’s a modern, rapid way of storytelling.
“There’s no time to catch up – you have to watch it fast because someone’s going to slip up at the water cooler.”
I’m giving it one more chance and then I’m jumping ship.
Cheat’s Rose Vaughan strips off for topless selfie as she sexts Leah Dale’s husband


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