It’s time for Theresa May to choose her resignation date before the Tories are damaged further

It's time for Theresa May to choose her resignation date before the Tories are damaged further

Name day, May
IT’S past time for Theresa May to explain when exactly she is leaving No10.
The humiliating Brexit deadlock is killing the Conservative party.
Reuters Theresa May must pick the date that she will hand over to a successor
The Tories are on course for their worst election performance ever as they bleed voters to the Brexit Party.
Nigel Farage’s outfit is so new it doesn’t have any policies yet ­— imagine how much bigger the damage could get.
Every day the PM remains in office, Jeremy Corbyn gets closer to power.
News that one in ten wealth creators will flee Britain if Labour gets in is a reminder of how high the stakes are.
No one could accuse Mrs May of not feeling a huge sense of public duty.
But when even her adoring husband Philip admits she needs to resign, surely she must realise that she is now the problem, not the solution.
This week Tory grandees will tell the PM to name the date she plans to hand over to a successor. She must do it.
Foreign ill bill
THE NHS is letting millions of pounds go up in smoke by failing to stamp out dodgy health tourism.
With the health service under pressure, it is baffling that the amount owed by foreign patients is allowed to rise.
PA:Press Association The amount owed by foreign patients to the NHS is rising
The £27million in unpaid bills last year is enough to hire a thousand nurses.
The necessary rules are already in place — while foreign visitors can pay if they need to access the NHS, the law says they shouldn’t be funded by the British taxpayer. Now health bosses need to get tough in enforcing them.
There’s no excuse for spiralling waste.
Beeb racquet
IF a company worth billions refused to pay staff a penny for a 40-hour week, the BBC would be the first to point the finger.
The Beeb runs countless reports on how unpaid work experience damages social mobility and limits opportunities.
Splash News Tony Hall claims he’s leading a crackdown on unpaid work
So how can the BBC get away with hiring staff for Wimbledon and not paying them, as revealed by The Sun today?
Tony Hall, the Director General, claims he’s leading a crackdown on unpaid work. Some leadership!
It’s game, set and match to the BBC in the hypocrisy stakes.
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Safe at last
FINALLY the victims of domestic abuse will get a legal right to housing, thanks to a campaign by The Sun and Women’s Aid.
Horrifyingly, some abused women feel unable to leave their home because they fear becoming destitute. The new law, which forces councils to provide accommodation for all victims, is an important step forward.
People are at their lowest ebb need to know a helping hand is available.
Safe At Last takes viewers inside a woman’s refuge to meet survivors of domestic abuse



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