It’s ironic – we vote to quit EU and the Brexit Party arrive to make it better

It's ironic - we vote to quit EU and the Brexit Party arrive to make it better

EUROPE is changing. Its people have had enough. From Szczecin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, the traditional liberal parties are being blown out of the water.
And the European Union is about to face a crisis which will make Brexit look like a pleasant stroll down the Champs-Elysees.
Rex Features Nigel Farage is marching back to Brussels — and his Brexit Party will secure at least a few dozen seats on May 23
The Euro elections are looming. And right across Europe it is the new populist parties which will hold the whip hand come May 24. Electors are furious about uncontrolled immigration, tired of the bureaucratic EU and sick to the back teeth of social liberalism.
Like never before they are backing the populists, in countless countries across the continent. They already now run Italy, Austria, Poland, Hungary and Estonia, having come from almost nothing ten years ago. But in these Euro elections the change will be even more dramatic.
Across Scandinavia, in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, more and more electors are deserting the centre parties for what the BBC, holding its nose between two fingers, likes to call the “far Right”.
Largely nationalist parties which care about national sovereignty and do not care for immigration. Sometimes radical socialist parties which resent the bullying EU.
The centrist liberals of the European People’s Party and the socialists are likely to be routed, a response to decades of mismanagement and arrogance. For the first time EVER they are unlikely to hold an overall majority.
And the numbers of populists making headway will be swelled by our own generous contribution — because Nigel Farage is marching back to Brussels — and his Brexit Party will secure at least a few dozen seats on May 23. This is an enormous problem for the current, discredited, EU leadership.
One Brussels panjan- drum said it would lead to “institutional paralysis” within the EU. My response to that is: How will we tell? But he is probably right.
Three years ago we voted to leave the EU — for many of the reasons that have led to this surge for the populists on the European mainland.Rod Liddle
The new parties are opposed to everything the current administration stands for. They are Eurosceptics. They wish the EU to be a trading bloc, not a supranational government telling every country what to do.
They are largely socially conservative. They have little truck with the identity politics of the liberals. And they hate uncontrolled immigration. This will lead to an enormous upheaval in Brussels.
They’ve woken up and smelled the coffee. The liberals know that their cards have been marked. But what Europe faces is a year or two of wrangling as these new parties seek to exert influence over the EU.
And it will be made worse by the fact that the European People’s Party is itself split over what to do about immigration. A good proportion of EPP members have woken up and smelled the coffee.
It’s all a bit ironic, isn’t it? Three years ago we voted to leave the EU — for many of the reasons that have led to this surge for the populists on the European mainland.
If the populists can gain control of some of the EU’s institutions, it might become a much more palatable organisation for British people.
Ah well. But one thing is for sure. In the UK, in the US, in Brazil and in the EU, liberalism has had its day. Good riddance.Let’s give Archie a big ‘and
SO – she’s called the kid Archie Harrison.  I’m like, wtf? It’s not very regal, is it?
EPA Prince Andrew is now eighth in line to the throne
Sounds like the name of a combative left back for Middlesbrough in about 1927. “Oh and a very robust tackle from Harrison there, which has left Smith needing stitches and possibly a kidney transplant.”
I knew Harry wouldn’t have a say in the matter. Arthur and James were among the favourites, but I had a cheeky bet on Jayden and Lee.
Anyway, despite being only three days old, the kid has already performed a hugely valuable service to this country. He’s moved Prince Andrew down from seventh in line to the throne to eighth.Two balls on pitch
HUGE respect to Liverpool for their astonishing comeback against Barcelona.
Getty Images – Getty Liverpool put on a fantastic show against Barcelona
A brilliant performance and it is always fun to see Lionel Messi sick as a parrot suffering from severe gastroenteritis and feather rot.
That cheeky corner. I want to see Millwall try it next season, and maybe develop the idea so we can actually have two balls on the pitch at the same time.Word is pout, Ana
RACHEL Weisz had better watch out.  Her husband Daniel Craig is to star opposite Ana de Armas in the next Bond flick.
Instagram Ana de Armas is said to have  a habit of falling for her co-stars
The pouting Cuban-Spanish moppet, has a habit of falling for her co-stars. Or becoming romantically involved with them in a deeply meaningful way, whatever.
Listen Rach, if he comes home smelling strongly of tapas, sling him out.
 Vision of dread
IT’S that extravagant campfest, the Eurovision Song Contest, next week.
Eurovision Eurovision 2019 is on track to be a great event for Israel
It’s being held in Tel Aviv, Israel. And for months the pro-Palestine lobby has been demanding the whole event be boycotted.  Luckily, nobody has paid them any attention.
And no word from the liberals, of course, on the 700 rockets fired into Israel by Hamas. Can you imagine, by the way, what would happen if the song contest was held in Palestine? Or indeed in any hardline Islamic state?
Half of the performers, all of the audience and most of the presenters would be terrified they’d be pushed off the top of large buildings.A quick flix for Africa
BRITONS aren’t getting enough, apparently. The number of people who have sex at least once a week is down to record low levels.
Alamy Us Brits are too busy watching Emilia Clarke in Game Of Thrones to give the missus a bit of a seeing to
The experts think this is because of stuff like Netflix. We’re too busy watching Emilia Clarke in Game Of Thrones to give the missus a bit of a seeing to.
What we need to do, then, is make sure everyone in India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Africa get signed up to Netflix sharpish.
That’s where you’ll find the world’s highest birth rates.
If we can stop them having sex, the global population might stop its inexorable rise.Why are squirrels so thick?
EATING nuts while you are pregnant can improve the intelligence of your baby, apparently.  That’s the result of a new study.
Alamy Squirrels eat nuts all the time but they just run away from dogs all day
Yeah? So how come squirrels are so thick?
The number of nuts those furry little b******s get through, they should be inventing the theory of relativity and blasting off to the moon.
Instead of sitting like idiots in trees and running away from dogs.How about some economic news?
THE former BBC presenter Gavin Esler has demanded TV news programmes stop putting on pro-Brexit people. The arrogant public school berk says he’s sick of hearing from “so-called” experts who support leaving the EU.
OK, Gav. So how about some economic news? The UK is set to out- strip the entire eurozone, with the economy grow- ing THREE TIMES faster than Germany in the next year. Who says this? The European Commission.
Running for charidee
THE end of the London Marathon. The poor stewards have been at it all day. Hours and hours have dragged by and they want to go home, but still the tail-end charlies are straggling in.
CommentGRIN AND BARE IT Writer who was mortified by nudity reveals how she has learned to love it CommentDEBORAH JAMES I used to think being a mum was tough… then cancer was added into the mix ‘IT MAKES ME CRY’ My £1k wig hides grey, broken hair – and here’s what I REALLY look like CommentBED NEWS If you have one of these SIX things in your bedroom you’re ‘common’ CommentJENNY FRANCIS Critics think Barbie dolls are ‘sexist’ and ‘cliche’? You Ken not be serious CommentB*WITCHED AT BOOB SHINDIG CoppaFeel! founder Kris Hallenga shares her Festifeel highlights
And so I ask you, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, is it not quite understandable, if not entirely within the spirit of the event, for a tired steward to shout out, in exasperation, as a fairly hefty competitor gasps and wheezes down The Mall: “Run, fatboy, run!”
Yes, there is to be an investigation after Jack Glenny, 24, was subjected to this injunction.  And worse, when he finished, to be told snippily that he should have started at 6am.
Jack was once on Big Brother and, because he was running for charidee, believes that nobody anywhere should have an unkind word to say against him. Exhibitionism isn’t exhibitionism if it’s for charidee.
Nigel Farage and Richard Tice demand the Brexit Party has a ‘significant role’ in UK withdrawal negotiations with the EU


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