It is shocking to learn evil Vanessa George could soon be freed after less than ten years in prison

It is shocking to learn evil Vanessa George could soon be freed after less than ten years in prison

EVIL nursery worker Vanessa George sickened the nation with her vile abuse of innocent toddlers.
So it is shocking to learn that less than ten years after this monster started her sentence she is up for parole and could soon be freed.
PA:Press Association Vanessa George was arrested in 2009 and sentenced to ten years in prison
Britain’s worst female paedophile was handed an indeterminate sentence with a minimum of seven years for taking photographs of herself sexually abusing children in her charge. She then passed the horrific pictures to other perverts she had met on the internet.
As the judge said at her 2009 trial, it is hard to imagine anyone could sink to lower depths of depravity.
He made clear she should only be released if she was absolutely no danger to the public.
Otherwise she should spend the rest of her days behind bars for her “unspeakable” crimes.
The Parole Board must take these words to heart or risk another scandal like that triggered by its decision to release black cab rapist John Worboys.
That ruling was overturned but only after a massive public backlash and a campaign by The Sun.
George has already been handed £24,000 in legal aid to fight for a softer sentence, but there the justice system’s largesse must end. How can anyone be sure of what is going on in her twisted mind?
This wicked woman must never be allowed to walk the streets again.
Anything else would be an outrage.
Terror in the night
HATE preacher Anjem Choudary is a magnet for terror.
It was galling enough that he was allowed to return to his East London home last week after serving half of a ludicrously lenient jail term.
PA:Press Association Anjem is free to wander around Ilford unmonitored
But the Ministry of Justice assured the public he would be closely watched and under strict licensing conditions.
So why is he allowed to wander around Ilford just before 11pm, apparently unmonitored? If this is not a breach of his bail conditions what exactly are they?
The justifiably concerned local community have a right to know everything about this menace in their midst.
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