Islamophobia a hate crime… whatever next? A ban on criticising Marx and fascism?

Islamophobia a hate crime... whatever next? A ban on criticising Marx and fascism?

THERE’S an important debate in the House of Commons today – and for once it’s not about bloody Brexit. It’s about Islamophobia.
The Government is under pressure to make it a hate crime.
Corbis – Getty The Government is under pressure to make Islamophobia a hate crime
Quite how you can ban people from having rational objections to a highly questionable ideology eludes me.  It’s like trying to ban criticism of fascism, or Marxism. But that’s what they’re doing.
An All-Party Parliamentary Group has already drawn up rules about what it considers Islamophobia.
The Government says it does not accept the definition.
Apparently, suggesting that Muslims are more likely than other religions to carry out terror attacks is Islamophobic now. Do that, and you could be guilty of a hate crime.
Yes, even when the perpetrator has screamed “Allahu Akbar” before slicing someone’s head off.
And has posted a video stating that he’s carried out his murder in defence of Islam.
This is a madness, a politically correct madness. It’s a denial of truth and a denial of logic.
But few people dare put their heads above the parapet to say that it is madness, for fear of being called “racist”.
It is absurd to pretend that terrorist attacks carried out by Muslim extremists are entirely detached from IslamRod Liddle, Sun Columnist
One has, however. Martin Hewitt, boss of the National Police Chiefs’ Council.
He has said that the law will make it harder to police anti-terror operations.
And that it will hinder stop-and-search procedures, and is undermining our attempts to stop jihadis murdering us all.
He also pointed out that under the proposals: “Any criticism of standard Sharia rulings which are at odds with our laws and customs . . . will become unexaminable.”  This is outrageous and dangerous.  We should not have Sharia rulings in our country in the first place. They tend to discriminate horribly against women.
Few people dare put their heads above the parapet to say that it the idea is madness, for fear of being called ‘racist’ – one has, however, Martin Hewitt, boss of the National Police Chiefs’ Council
And people who live in our country should all follow the same law, whatever race or religion they might be.
It is absurd to pretend that terrorist attacks carried out by Muslim extremists are entirely detached from Islam.
They are patently very closely attached and perhaps inspired by Islamic ideology.
Further, a frightening number of Muslims worldwide and even within our country often approve of such attacks.
A 2015 Radio 4 poll found 45 per cent of British Muslims agree that clerics preaching violence against the West represent “mainstream Islam”.’PREACHING VIOLENCE AGAINST THE WEST’
Around half (49 per cent) believe Muslim clerics preaching that violence against the West can be justified are out of touch with mainstream Muslim opinion.
Clearly, the vast majority of Muslims in this country do not approve of the kind of outrages we’ve seen both in the UK and in continental Europe.
I daresay many do not agree with jailing homosexuals, or the death sentence for apostates, or female genital mutilation, either. Not to mention the complete subjugation of women.
And yet that is what happens in states which describe themselves as Islamic.
And those persecutions are carried out precisely in the name of Islam.
Muslims are already protected under our current anti-hate laws, and so they should be.  But to criminalise a fictitious notion such as Islamophobia is a clear denial of reality.
You will remember the appalling murders of Muslims in Christchurch by a right-wing fanatic.  We were rightly quick to condemn the ideology which motivated the savage who carried out that attack.
We must have the same right to condemn the ideology behind Islamist attacks.
Alamy Terror cops have called on Theresa May to ignore calls to create an official definition for ‘Islamophobia’
Madge of honour
Getty – Contributor Madonna is still going ahead with her plan to sing at the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv this weekend despite the continual bullying from pro-Palestinian campaigners
HERO of the week – and it’s an unlikely one, I admit – is Madonna.
Madge is still going ahead with her plan  to sing at the Eurovision Song Contest in  Tel Aviv this weekend.
 This is despite the continual bullying from pro-Palestinian campaigners.
They include that grizzled old halfwit Roger Waters of Pink Floyd.
But Madonna’s stuck to her guns.
I might turn the sound down when she actually does sing, but still – respect.
Music video for Madonna’s new single Medellín
OUTRAGE AT NEO-NAZI WEBSITE VIEWSTHERE’S outrage that a far- Right, ­neo-Nazi website based in the US has had ­millions of visitors – including 80,000 people from the UK.
They haven’t named the ­website. But I would be pretty sure that it’s the Stormfront white nationalist community.
This is a bunch of ­shaven- headed, knuckle-dragging white supremacists. And if it  is Stormfront, I’m one of the 80,000 Brits who have visited the site.
Why? Because I like to see what these lunatics are up to, and what they’re saying.
And I would have thought it was useful for the authorities to keep an eye on them, too.
Close it down and they’ll go underground.  Which would be more dangerous, no?

Harsh to can Kyle
Doug Seeburg – The Sun The TV host was seen for the first time after his show was pulled off air
I’M at a bit of a disadvantage here because I’ve never watched The ­Jeremy Kyle Show. Not a single minute of it.Now one chap has apparently killed himself having failed a lie detector test on the ­programme.And the whole thing has been cancelled – no more Jeremy Kyle.It’s not going to make much of a difference to my life.But apparently lots of people enjoyed it.And frankly, if you’re going to go on one of those shows, shouldn’t you be prepared for the backlash?Isn’t that the point?Or do the people who go on it think it’s a bit like ­Parkinson?
MEDDLE AT PERIL DONALDONE of the main ­reasons I was pleased that Donald Trump was elected US President in 2016 was his foreign policy.He pledged to stop getting the US and the West involved in futile wars in the Middle East.
It took him until ­February 2017 to break that promise, when he bombed Syria.
And now he’s ratcheting up the tension against Iran, ­preparing for war.
When will we learn? Did the invasion of Iraq not teach us a lesson?
Every time – EVERY time – we interfere in the Middle East, we make things worse. For them and for us.
And yet the parts perpetually cloaked in violence are not worth the blood of a single US or British soldier.
Let these countries fight their own sectarian wars. And keep us well out of it.
Only when Israel is attacked should we make a move.

Instagram’s vile poll of shame
Instagram users voted for Davia Emelia, 16, to kill herself – the vile yes voters should now be charged with abetting suicide
HERE’S a truly horrible story. A Malaysian girl aged 16, Davia Emelia, conducted an Instagram poll on whether or not she should kill herself.
Some 69 per cent voted that she should. And so she duly threw herself off the top of a building.
There are an awful lot of vile people in the world, aren’t there?  The police are now investigating whether those who voted “yes” should be charged with abetting suicide.
Go for it, you feds, I say. And don’t blame social media for this stuff.  It’s how we are, as a race. Nasty.
Social media is just the window into our souls.Half-Baked, that’s all
PA:Press Association Danny Baker – sacked from his job by the pompous and stupid BBC
THIS country gets more deranged by the very week.  Comic and presenter Danny Baker did something stupid.
He tweeted a photo of a posh couple with a baby chimp and likened it to Meghan and Harry coming out of hospital with their baby.
He hadn’t meant it to be ­racist. Hadn’t even occurred to him. Sacked from his job by the pompous and stupid BBC.
And now – get this – the police got involved.
Presumably because they haven’t got enough to  do apprehending half of ­London stabbing each other to death.
When is this obsessive ­nonsense going to stop?

THERESA MAY is still pleading with Magic Grandpa Jeremy Corbyn to sign up to a deal which means, effectively, no Brexit.  In the process she is destroying a ­political party that has existed for 185 years.
I won’t much mourn the passing of the Conservatives. But I will mourn the ­passing of democracy – something I’ve always believed in.
The contempt shown to the people who voted Leave in 2016 shows, however, that we don’t really have democracy.
It’s all been a con.

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MY 24/7 FOOTIE FANTASYI’D been feeling a bit bereft. Always the same at this time of year.
The football season is over after Man City won another Premier League title on Sunday. And so there’s nothing to do on a Saturday afternoon.
But then I remembered – the Nations League. England are in the finals of a major tournament!
That should take up most of early June.
Then after that we can all start moaning about the useless players our clubs are about to buy in the transfer window.
That should get us through to August, when it all starts again with the pre-season friendlies.
Round-the-clock and round-the-year football.
It’s all I really want  from life.



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