ISIS bride who has been let back into UK says she used to think her jihadi husband was ‘her Prince Harry’

ISIS bride who has been let back into UK says she used to think her jihadi husband was 'her Prince Harry'

A BRITISH former jihadi bride who fled to Syria to join Islamic State has said she saw her terrorist husband as ‘like Prince Harry’.
The 30-year-old Londoner, who travelled to Syria in 2015 before returning two years later, said she joined the terror group because of the bullying and Islamophobia she faced in Britain.
Alamy Fatima said she joined Islamic State after being bullied and witnessing Islamophobia (file picture)
She left the UK in the same year as Shamima Begum, who has had her citizenship revoked by the Home Office after being tracked down to a Syrian refugee camp earlier this month.
Shamima, 19, sparked outrage with a series of interviews, in which she said the Manchester Arena terror attack in 2017 was ‘justified’ because of Western bombing campaigns against Islamic State in Syria.
The woman, named only as Fatima, told Stylist magazine Shamima may be frightened to condemn the terror group while she’s still in Syria.
Prince Harry was a warring hero for the British people so I felt ‘why can’t we have our own heroes that protect us?’Fatima, a former jihadi bride
Now back in the UK – having realised “the solution for violence is never more violence” – Fatima said she became radicalised after witnessing a pregnant Muslim woman being attacked by a gang of girls in London and starting to see jihadi soldiers as ‘heroes’.
She said: “Prince Harry was a warring hero for the British people so I felt ‘why can’t we have our own heroes that protect us?’
“You hear about attacks on British people on the news, but then compare that to the women who threatened to kick an innocent baby to death just for being a Muslim and suddenly you don’t feel so sorry for them anymore.
“I wanted to be with people who were kind to me, and not the British enemies who had not been, or my family who didn’t understand. So I agreed to travel to Syria.”SHAMIMA ‘WANTS A SECOND CHANCE’
Begum, who was last week stripped of her British citizenship, has finally claimed she was truly sorry for ditching East London at 15 to join up with the brutal ISIS death cult.
The 19-year-old hopes to return to the UK after giving birth in a Syrian refugee camp earlier this month.
She said: “I am hoping to be given a second chance.
“I’d like to be an example of how someone can change. I want to help, encourage other young British people to think before they make life- changing decisions like this and not to make the same mistake as me.
“I can’t do that if I am sitting here in a camp. I can’t do that for you.”
It comes after her family told how they were appalled at what she has said since being tracked down at the camp earlier this month.
Her father condemned her lack of remorse for what ISIS has done –  saying he is “on the side of the Government” for banning her from re-entering the country.
Ahmed Ali, 60, said: “I know they (the British Government) don’t want to take her back, and in this I don’t have a problem.
“I know she is stuck there but that’s because she has done actions that made her get stuck like this.
“I can’t say whether it is right or wrong, but if the law of the land says that it is correct to cancel her citizenship, then I agree.”
But Shamima – who married jailed Dutch terror nut Yago Riedijk, 23, in Syria – insists she’s been “discriminated against” by British authorities.
That is despite admitting she never planned come back to the UK when she travelled to war-torn Syria with two school friends in February 2015.
Again describing herself as “famous”, she said: “I feel like I’ve been discriminated against because everyone was saying I was a poster girl for ISIS.
“I’m being made an example of. I’m being punished right now because I’m famous.”
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She added: “(ISIS) took my passport but I thought to myself ‘what am I going to do with it? I don’t really have any use for it.'”
The government argues it is legal to strip her of UK citizenship because she is eligible for Bangladeshi citizenship – although Bangladesh has said it will not accept her.
Home Secretary Sajid Javid’s decision has met with opposition from critics who argue she should be potentially trialled in Britain.
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AFP or licensors The squalid Al-Hawl camp in northern Syria is home to hundreds of displaced ISIS brides
PA:Press Association Shamima was 15 when she fled East London to join the ISIS death cult in Syria
ISIS bride Shamima Begum says she would like UK authorities to re-evaluate her case with ‘a bit more mercy in their heart’

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