iPhone 11 WON’T be foldable like Samsung and Huawei rivals, expert warns

iPhone 11 WON'T be foldable like Samsung and Huawei rivals, expert warns

APPLE’S rumoured iPhone 11 won’t be a foldable smartphone – but the 2020 model might be.
That’s according to a top Apple expert who claims this year’s iPhone won’t copy the new Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X folding phones.
LetsGoDigital A foldable Apple smartphone could revolutionise the way you use tech
This year we’ve seen an influx of foldable phones from brands like Samsung, Huawei, TCL and Royole – with another seemingly on the way from Motorola.
And gadget fans around the world are now watching Apple to see if the fruity firm will fight back, putting out a foldable phone of its own.
We recently revealed how Apple has likely been experimenting with foldable iPhone screens in secret labs.
But one top expert thinks we won’t see a foldable iPhone from Apple until 2020.
LetsGoDigital 3D renders of a foldable iPhone have been mocked up by designers
LetsGoDigital The images are based on real sketches from an official Apple patent
“We believe Apple is late to the game on the foldable phone front vs. Samsung, and we do not expect a foldable phone released from [Apple HQ] until 2020,” said Dan Ives, a top analyst at Wedbush Securities, speaking to The Sun.
According to Ives, Apple is “playing from behind the eight ball” on foldable phones – waiting to see whether they take off.
He told us that “price points right now are too high for foldable phones to gain any meaningful traction”, and he’s probably right.
After all, Samsung’s Galaxy Fold will set Brits back around £1,800, while the Huawei Mate X will cost you north of £2,000.
That won’t always be the case though, according to Ives: “We believe in a year these price points will be below £1,500 and start to gain share of the smartphone market in the 5%-10% range of all smartphones sold by 2021.”
LetsGoDigital Sadly Apple hasn’t confirmed actual plans to launch a foldable smartphone
LetsGoDigital These renders are our best look yet at what a foldable iPhone might look like
Last week, we reported on comments from another top analyst, Ben Wood, who thinks Apple has already been testing foldable iPhone tech.
“It is inconceivable that Apple has not been experimenting with flexible displays in it design labs for years,” the CCS Insight expert told The Sun.
However, Ben pointed out that Apple is “rarely the first to embrace cutting-edge technologies like this” – and instead prefers to wait, and get the tech right.
“You can be sure Apple will be scrutinising the new products from Samsung, Huawei and others with a forensic level of detail trying to figure out how Apple can best deliver a foldable iPhone,” he explained.
EPA Samsung unveiled its own foldable smartphone late last month
The jury is still out on whether foldable phones are actually going to catch on.
The idea is that you can carry a large tablet-sized screen around with you, which then folds down into a pocket-able smartphone.
However, getting high-quality screens to bend is difficult, which makes producing foldable phones extremely costly.
Apple has shown interest in foldable phones previously, but only through patents.
Sadly, patents don’t signal any intent to actually create a product, and Apple hasn’t confirmed plans to launch a foldable iPhone. Not yet, anyway.
Samsung unveil new foldable smart phone the Galaxy Fold
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Are you hoping for a foldable smartphone? Let us know in the comments!

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