iPhone 11 will have a massive camera bump according to leaked plans

iPhone 11 will have a massive camera bump according to leaked plans

Apple could be set to reveal a brand new iPhone with a gigantic camera bump later this year.
Some leaked schematics have emerged online that allegedly show the welding pattern for the casing of what is believed to be the iPhone 11.
And gadget fans have immediately zeroed in on the space in the top left corner of the phone for a triple-lens camera system augmented with a flash. While an iPhone X has a svelte, vertical dual-lens system on the back this new development will be a lot more noticeable.
It should also take vastly better pictures.

Leaked schematics allegedly showing the welding pattern for Apple’s next iPhone (Slashleaks)By adding an extra lens, Apple could include additional features like optical zoom or better 3D sensing for things like augmented reality or artsy blurred portrait photos.
But it’ll also mean a larger, possibly squared-off camera bump that you’ll notice every time you try and lay the iPhone flat.
Naturally, the internet gadget crowd are riffing off this latest leak to try and speculate what the finished product may look like.

FYI, today’s render is quite inaccurate… Actually, #iPhoneXI rear camera bump is much larger and the camera lenses, flash and mic are pretty differently arranged… pic.twitter.com/SRN4sRNWcc
— Steve H.McFly (@OnLeaks) March 15, 2019

Apple’s iPhone release schedule is pretty locked down these days. Although the company is undoubtedly working on the new phone, the rest of the world won’t get to see it until September.
There may well be more leaks and rumours to go on as September approaches, but we’ve got to take each and every one of them with a pinch of salt.
In the meantime, if you’re interested in what a triple-lens camera bump looks like in the flesh, you need look no further than Huawei’s excellent Mate 20 Pro handset.

The excellent Huawei Mate 20 Pro and its super-size camera setup (Metro.co.uk)The Chinese company released this phone late last year and it’s been widely heralded as one of the best Android phones on the market. The camera, which was developed by Leica, has been singled out for praise.
In fact, it’s been so well received that Huawei upped the stakes with a quadruple (yes, really) camera arrangement on the P30 Pro phone which was revealed in Paris on Tuesday of this week.


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