iPhone 11 could tell you if you’ve got bad breath or STINKY armpits with new ‘smell recognition’ feature

iPhone 11 could tell you if you've got bad breath or STINKY armpits with new 'smell recognition' feature

IT SEEMS the new iPhone will have something for everyone – even people suffering with BO.
The hotly anticipated iPhone 11 will have its very own smell sensors when it’s released this summer, if a patent filed by Apple is to be believed.
Concept Creator / YouTube Apple hasn’t officially announced its 2019 iPhone just yet. This render shows what the device could look like
The filing describes a system that can detect chemicals in the air – and it may be able to track if you have bad breath or smelly armpits.
It would mainly be used to detect dangerous substances to warn people in danger of being poisoned.
“A portable communication device includes one or more sensors, a pair of electrodes associated with each sensor, and a processing circuit configured to apply a bias supply voltage to the pair of electrodes and to process output signals from the sensors,” the patent reads.
“Each sensor is an ionic liquid sensor tuned for sensing a smell associated with a chemical species.
Apple There’s no guarantee the patent will lead to anything concrete
“The processing circuit further includes an artificial intelligence engine to enhance smell recognition capabilities of the device.”
A powerful sensor loaded into the handset would set off an alarm if carbon monoxide or other gases in a room reach dangerous levels.
It aims to pick up harmful, poisonous gases that are otherwise invisible or odourless, such as carbon monoxide or methane.
And if it can read dangerous chemicals, Apple could also apply it to common body odour issues.
There’s no guarantee that Apple will fit the noxious gas detectors into its future devices – like the rumoured iPhone 11.
Patents show that a company is merely interested in a technology, which it may never build.
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With the iPhone 11 due for release in September, rumours about the device are beginning to trickle in.
The handset is rumoured to come with a triple rear camera setup, including wide-angle, telephoto, zoom, or even macro lenses.
It’s also tipped to get super fast 5G connection speeds that let you download 4K films in seconds.
For everything you need to know about the iPhone 11, check out our comprehensive guide on all the rumours, including a possible release date and price.

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