Illustrator reimagines Disney princesses with body hang ups to show were all beautiful

Illustrator reimagines Disney princesses with body hang ups to show were all beautiful

(Picture: Marcela Sabiá)Lots of little girls grow up looking up to Disney princesses.
But one illustrator wanted to show that you don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.
Marcela Sabiá, 28, from São Paulo, Brazil, took Disney princesses and reimagined them with acne, body hair and scars.
She also drew Cinderella in a wheelchair and a plus-size Ariel from the Little Mermaid.
She explains: ‘I think the Disney princesses are female referrals to thousands of girls around the world, just like they were for me.
‘Knowing the power and reach they have inspired me to use them to talk about body positivity.
‘I thought it would be fun to make them more human and make girls feel represented.’

(Picture: Marcela Sabiá)For her #realprincesss series, she started with Snow White, with acne over her skin.
She wrote: ‘A beautiful princess with white skin like snow and severe acne.
‘Women who often hate themselves because of long-established patterns, when they are absolutely incredible and worthy of love.
‘You are much more than your skin. You are all princesses and queens.’

(Picture: Marcela Sabiá)Next, she drew Jasmine from Aladdin with facial hair and posted: ‘What if Jasmine had facial hair just like many women have?
‘A lot of people would call her ugly, dirty or disgusting because of it for sure – since it seems unacceptable for girls to be ok with something that is totally natural.
‘Well, it wouldn’t change the beautiful, strong and feminine princess that she is.
‘Facial hair doesn’t change a thing about who you are. It’s your choice to shave it or leave it, it’s your body and there is nothing about it that can’t and shouldn’t be loved.’

(Picture: Marcela Sabiá)Marcela then looked at Ariel, and reimagined her as a plus-size princess, saying: ‘We are so used to seeing slim princesses with thin waistlines, but beautiful girls exist in all shapes and sizes – which is wonderful.
‘Ariel would also be amazing with more curves and as charming as it is in the original version. Once again, we are all princesses and queens.’

(Picture: Marcela Sabiá)Looking at Mulan, she included scars on her face to show that everyone is beautiful.
‘I have to admit that Mulan is the most inspiring princess to me,’ she said.
‘She broke the “fragile and delicate girl” pattern showing us that a woman can be fearless and fight for what she believes.
‘If Mulan had a scar on her face, would that change? Absolutely not.
‘She would remain an incredible and beautiful warrior – just like any of you. Scars show that we have survived and we’re strong.’

(Picture: Marcela Sabiá)Marcela also drew Cinderella in a wheelchair to inspire women who are disabled.
‘The beautiful Cinderella,’ she said. ‘If she had a disability, she would still be strong, independent, and capable of overcoming all obstacles in her path – as well as all real-life princesses and queens in wheelchairs.
‘You are incredible, never forget that.’

(Picture: Marcela Sabiá)Marcela drew Moana without hair to celebrate women who have suffered hair loss or who have chosen to be bald.
She said: ‘Even a wonderful princess like Moana is not defined by her hair.
‘I dedicate this illustration to all the amazing women who are bald for various reasons – whether by choice or not.
‘You remain feminine and powerful. You are much more than your hair.’

(Picture: Marcela Sabiá)The last princess in the series is Belle from Beauty and the Beast, who she drew with a bigger nose.
Marcela said: ‘Beautiful women do not necessarily need delicate, small noses.
‘Belle would still be charming and worthy with a big nose – just like all of you’
After posting the series, Marcela said the reaction has been incredibly positive.
She said: ‘I had a very good reception overall, with  many people suggesting new ideas and thanking me for seeing princesses with features they can really identify with. It was very gratifying.
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‘Of course there were haters but the vast majority appreciated my version.
She’s currently taking a break from the project but hopes to illustrate more in the future.
You can follow all her illustrations on her Instagram.
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