If we stay in a customs union like Labour’s demanding, it’ll be a betrayal to Brexit and shackle us on the world stage

If we stay in a customs union like Labour's demanding, it'll be a betrayal to Brexit and shackle us on the world stage

LABOUR’S demand that Britain stays in an EU customs union after Brexit would see us shackled on the world stage.
As Liam Fox has pointed out, remaining trapped by Brussels means our once great trading nation would be forced into subservience.
Alamy Live News Trade Secretary Liam Fox says if Britain remains in an EU custom union ‘we would ourselves be traded’
The Trade Secretary told the 1922 Committee this week: “The UK would have a new role – we would ourselves be traded.”
We couldn’t have put it better ourselves, Mr Fox. Brussels would be able to negotiate access to UK markets as EU policy, irrespective of the wishes or the interests of the UK.
Japan would have access to UK markets but we wouldn’t have access to theirs.
We would also be disadvantaged in any trade disputes in response to American tariffs.
Such an outcome would be a disaster for this country and a betrayal of Brexit voters.
Theresa May is flirting with real danger if she is seriously entertaining Jeremy Corbyn’s terms just to get her deal over the line.
Labour even want to tie the hands of whoever succeeds her by writing their demands into legally binding text.
If Brexit is to mean Brexit, this is one red line she must not cross.
PM Theresa May and Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn row over whether a Brexit deal should involve a customs union
Doc’s sky-high pay is sick
THE chronic shortage of funds for the NHS remains a national disgrace.
So it beggars belief to learn that a doctor is earning nearly £600,000 a year — four times as much as the Prime Minister.
Reuters An unidentified doctor is earning four times as much as the PM just as the NHS is suffering a chronic shortage of funds
However talented and dedicated this unidentified medic may be, it is surely impossible to justify such a sky-high salary when budgets are so tight.
Only recently, some doctors controversially proposed charging patients £25 a time to see their GP to help meet the shortfall — an idea that, thankfully, bit the dust.
But if salaries mushroom like this, the Government’s £20billion cash injection into the NHS will soon seem little more than a pin prick.
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On Gran’s Secret Service
MOVE over Daniel Craig.
James Bond himself would be proud of our future king’s top-secret three-week stint working with MI5, MI6 and GCHQ.
Our mock-up of Prince William of when he became a royal 007 for a stint as a spy
William cheered our hard-working spooks and got a serious insight into terror threats against the UK. Perhaps now he’ll have a new catchphrase…
The name’s Wills, Prince Wills.
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