If we don’t lose Theresa May by June then Jeremy Corbyn will be our next PM

If we don't lose Theresa May by June then Jeremy Corbyn will be our next PM

THE Commons’ Easter recess gives Tory chiefs one last chance to ditch Theresa May and save the country.
Without a new Prime­ ­Minister by June, latest polls show Jeremy Corbyn heading for victory as Britain’s first Marxist revolutionary Prime Minister. This is an emergency.
It we don’t lose Theresa May by June, Jeremy Corbyn heads for victory as UK’s first Marxist revolutionary Prime Minister
In Parliament, Remainers outnumber Leavers. They need to understand the numbers that really count are the 17.4million and the 52 per cent who voted Out — scope for a decent Leave party majority.
Only a new pro-Brexit leader can start repairing the damage Mrs May has inflicted on ­voters’ trust and the stability of our political system. It might yet be too late.
The genuine stock of sympathy and support commanded by this “bloody difficult woman” evaporated completely on March 29, her promised date for Brexit.
All those reassuring poll leads over Labour turn out to be an illusion, bolstered by Ukip deserters who rallied to the Tories for the 2015 ­General ­Election.
They trusted Mrs May in 2016 when she promised “Brexit means Brexit” and in 2017 as she vowed “No Deal is better than a bad deal”. They don’t trust her any more.
Both promises were flushed down the pan along with £1.5billion for a No Deal that never was — and the £110million EU elections she insisted would never happen. Not to mention her £39billion EU ransom.
Staunch Conservatives are ticked off, disgusted to see Mrs May plotting with arch-enemy Corbyn to thwart Brexit
Staunch Conservatives are ticked off, disgusted to see Mrs May plotting with arch-enemy Corbyn to thwart Brexit, and Chancellor Phil Hammond backing a second referendum before delivering the first.
Local party chiefs are on strike. Canvassers steer clear of angry voters. Donors have zipped their wallets and cash has dried up. Meanwhile, recruits flock to Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party, boosted by the Rees-Mogg “brand” with Jacob’s ­sister, Annunziata, stepping up as a candidate. Her example will attract Tory dissidents.
Even ex-party chairman Lord Tebbit admits he will find it hard to vote Tory if the EU elections go ahead on May 23.
Once gone, defectors are ­difficult to lure back. That’s why party grandees are spending Easter finding ways to ­dislodge Mrs May’s limpet grip on Number Ten.
Leadership rules protect her from another challenge before October. They must be changed.
The new leader must be a Brexiteer, which leaves only three viable options — former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, ex-Brexit supremo Dominic Raab and Environment Secretary Michael Gove. Boris is the charismatic vote-winner MPs hope will save their seats. Raab is respected for walking out over Mrs May’s botched Chequers deal. Gove is gathering pace despite staying in Cabinet to back them.
Whoever takes over will need to work fast to show the Tories are worth saving — with an emergency voter-friendly boost to the NHS and the fight against crime.
They must take on “The Blob”, the anonymous civil ­service mandarins who think they really run Britain.
Voters in the 2016 referendum may have believed they were ­fighting faceless, undemocratic and unaccountable bureaucrats who run the EU.
They now know Britain too is ruled by faceless, undemocratic and unaccountable bureaucrats who see ­ministers as “here today, gone tomorrow” ­politicians.
Our “Yes Minister” civil ­service, not MPs, dictate what is possible, subject to Brussels rules, from schools to state spending, airports to agriculture.
They see Britain not as the world’s fifth-largest ­economy but a rather absurd ex-empire in managed decline.
Margaret Thatcher briefly rooted out this noxious weed in the 1980s.
It returned with a vengeance under Tony Blair, breeding nitpicking mandarins such as the late Jeremy Heywood and now Mark Sedwill, who dictate Brexit terms from behind closed doors.
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Thanks to them, we rushed into Article 50, capitulated to Brussels, coughed up £39billion and ruled out No Deal. Mrs May tamely followed orders.
This must stop if Britain is ever to flourish outside the EU. Our new Prime Minister needs to walk into Downing Street with creative vision, a fistful of prepared plans and the balls to put them into action.
We need a Prime Minister who takes back control.
Julian’s fan club
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But he ­continues to tie his greatest fans in knots.
Diane Abbott absurdly hails him as a martyr to free speech who has never been charged with raping two Swedish women.
JulMainly because he was holed up under diplomatic immunity.
Now fellow shadow minister Emily Thornberry says he should face Swedish justice.Anything to delay his date with the Great American Satan after putting lives and national security in danger by plastering reckless Wikileaks secrets all over the internet.

PRU Only a new pro-Brexit leader can start repairing the damage Theresa May has inflicted on voters’ trust
PA:Press Association Staunch Conservatives are disgusted to see Theresa May plotting with arch-enemy Jeremy Corbyn to thwart Brexit
David Lidington says he’s still negotiating Brexit with Labour


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