If Labour sacked Chris Williamson over his ‘pattern of behaviour’ — they should look at Corbyn too as he’s up to his neck in anti-Semitism

If Labour sacked Chris Williamson over his 'pattern of behaviour' — they should look at Corbyn too as he's up to his neck in anti-Semitism

Party of hate
JEREMY Corbyn finally abandoned all pretence to be purging his party of racism by failing to sack Chris Williamson MP.
After a day-long dither, Labour has reluctantly suspended him.
PA:Press Association Chris Williamson was caught claiming Labour was ‘too apologetic’ about its widespread anti-Semitism
AFP or licensors If Labour really acted after reviewing Williamson’s ‘pattern of behaviour’, they should see Corbyn’s
Don’t expect that to last long.
Williamson may be an odious liar who shames Parliament. A man who backs Venezuela’s socialist tyrant even as he starves his people. A man now caught claiming Labour was “too apologetic” about its widespread anti-Semitism.
But his leader secretly agrees with him. If Labour really acted after reviewing Williamson’s “pattern of behaviour”, they should see Corbyn’s.
He is up to his neck in anti-Semitism. It comes so naturally it has apparently never occurred to him he’s racist. The same goes for the Momentum mob who cheered on Williamson’s Jew-baiting.
Anti-Semites and extremist cranks have poured into Labour since one of their own became leader in 2015.
And it is clear — from the whitewash report that secured Shami Chakrabarti her shameful peerage, to yesterday’s reluctance over Williamson — that the party just doesn’t care.
Some decent MPs have quit already. Others need the same guts.
Brexit killers
THE price of rejecting Theresa May’s deal, even with an improved backstop, is now depressingly clear for Tory Brexiteers.
Remainers will then force through a delay to Brexit which, according to President Macron, will be agreed by the EU only if Britain produces a new plan.
AFP or licensors The price of rejecting Theresa May’s deal is no Brexit – Brexiteers must not destroy the historic decision they helped bring about
Indeed if we go cap in hand to Brussels, begging permission to let us stay in a bit longer, they can impose any terms.
In panic, MPs will approve a much softer Brexit — maybe a permanent ­customs union — or a second referendum. They will instruct the Government to negotiate a long enough delay for either.
Some of the same Brexiteer MPs who helped bring about our historic decision in 2016 are now in grave danger of destroying it, along with their own legacy.
Out of order
IMAGINE if our country’s future came down to one MP’s vote on March 12.
Imagine if it belonged to an ex-con, freshly released from prison for dishonesty, still wearing an ankle tag in the Commons chamber.
AFP or licensors Fiona Onasanya playing any influential role in Brexit voters will be the last straws of our democracy
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Corbynista Fiona Onasanya should have had the decency to resign when she was banged up for perverting justice.
But she didn’t. So now we are exposed to the scandalous absurdity of a ­disgraced politician returning from prison to make laws . . . while still being monitored by police.
A jail term should end an MP’s career.
If Onasanya plays any influential role in Brexit votes, or any others, it will be the last straw for our democracy’s credibility.
Expelled Labour MP Fiona Onasanya arrives at court before being jailed for three months over speeding fine lies


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