If Brexiteers reject Theresa May’s deal, it’ll be the biggest gamble of their lives

If Brexiteers reject Theresa May's deal, it'll be the biggest gamble of their lives

Leaver denial
TORY Brexiteers are kidding themselves. Remainers are closing on victory.
Look how they are strangling Brexit:
If Brexiteers reject Theresa May’s deal, it’ll be the biggest gamble of their lives
Amber Rudd and her mates wrecked Geoffrey Cox’s chances of fixing the backstop. The EU knows those Cabinet rebels will help vote down No Deal.
Tory Nick Boles is conspiring with Corbyn over his disastrous “Norway Plus” idea — the worst possible option.
Remainer Lords are trying AGAIN to force the Government into a permanent restrictive customs union with Brussels.
Most appallingly, ex-Attorney General Dominic Grieve is openly colluding with the French to postpone Brexit for 21 months, long enough for a second referendum. If MPs vote to delay on March 14, Theresa May will be virtually powerless to refuse France’s demands. Why does Grieve still have the Tory whip?
And yet some Brexiteer MPs still think it’s safe to vote down the deal next Tuesday. That the law’s on their side. That we will still leave, but with No Deal.
We would love to be proved wrong — but they seem dangerously delusional.
Reject the deal, and a non-Brexit they will regret forever and which will destroy their party seems vastly more likely.
Brexiteers will have made the biggest gamble of their lives and lost.
Amber Rudd says ‘nothing would be worse than a Jeremy Corbyn government’ as she backs Theresa May
Clown Prince
THE Sun has always liked Prince Harry. But he needs to remember who he is — and stop talking out of his backside.
It is not the job of the Royals, living an immensely privileged life on taxpayers’ money and goodwill, to preach vacuous politics to children.
We can’t help feeling Harry and Meghan are riding for a fall
We don’t know, though we can guess, where Harry gets hollow profundities such as “every blade of grass, ray of sun and raindrop is crucial to our survival”. But at least that does no actual harm.
Unlike telling kids the media “distorts the truth”, “tries to manipulate the power of positive thinking” and should be ignored. Or to imply the young generation are morally superior to those who, for example, fought the war or suffered the bleak economic hardships since.
If he wants to be a social justice warrior regurgitating fashionable conspiracy theories and hippie banalities, so be it.
But we can’t help feeling Harry and Meghan are riding for a fall.
Prince Harry urges millennials to be the ‘greatest generation of all time’ in rousing WE Day speech
Corbyn cesspit
LABOUR, to its shame, is finally being investigated for illegal anti-Jewish racism by the very equalities body it once set up.
Only the BNP merited a similar probe.
AFP or licensors Corbyn’s Labour is finally being investigated for anti-Semitism – and only the BNP merited a similar probe
CommentROD LIDDLE Racism is wrong but opposing an ideology that is ‘deeply oppressive’ is not CommentTHE SUN SAYS President Macron has neatly summarised the reasons we’re right to leave the EU CommentTHE SUN SAYS Leaving the shackles of the EU is a chance to really kickstart our economy CommentTREVOR KAVANAGH Flawed Brexit, then dignifed Therexit — price of ‘success’ is PM departure CommentTONY PARSONS Thanks to Rudd, the selfish Ayatollah of Remain, the EU will get their way CommentJacob Rees-Mogg We the people have spoken on Brexit… let us now have have lift-off
The Equality and Human Rights ­Commission suspects Corbyn’s mob “discriminated against people because of ethnicity and religious beliefs”.
Decent members will be horrified, says Labour MP Ruth Smeeth.
Indeed they will. But in a snap election they will still campaign to put the anti-Semites’ chief in Downing Street.
Labour’s Caroline Flint urges her colleagues to back the PM’s deal and deliver Brexit


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