Iceland launches UK’s hottest chicken wings

Iceland launches UK's hottest chicken wings

ICELAND has just launched what could be the UK’s spiciest chicken wings, and they’re not for the fainthearted.
The wings are made using the world’s hottest chilli, the infamous Carolina Reaper, and they’re said to be 230 times spicier than a jalapeño pepper.
Iceland Iceland recommends shoppers to eat the spicy wings under adult supervision
Scoring 720,000 on the Scoville Scale, they’re even hotter than the chicken thighs Iceland launched last summer, which measured 575,500 on the spice rating.
Alongside the chilli in the marinade, the new wings also taste of tomato, garlic and paprika.
The “Red Hot Chicken Wings” are available both in Iceland stores and online, where they’ll set you back £3 for a 630g pack.
They’ll only be available during the summer months, although Iceland hasn’t clarified a definite sale end date yet.
Iceland The wings are available both online and in stores
Cooked on the bone, the wings are said to be best finished off on the barbecue, giving them a crispy skin.
Spicy food lovers might want to try them, but just be aware that Iceland recommends shoppers to only consume them under adult supervision.
In fact, the Carolina Reaper is so hot that it even gave one man thunderclap headaches for over a month.
Yet one reviewer on Iceland’s website wrote: “Really good kick on them. Great value for £3.”
If you fancy hot chicken wings, but Iceland’s version seems a bit over the top, you can get a whole 1kg of chicken wings at Asda for the same price at £3.
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In October last year, Morrisons launched its hottest curry ever after shoppers complained that its Vindaloo wasn’t spicy enough.
Just a week later, Iceland then launched a curry with the world’s hottest chilli to rival Morrisons.
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