Iceland is selling retro ice creams including arctic roll and Neapolitan wafers

Iceland is selling retro ice creams including arctic roll and Neapolitan wafers

ICELAND shoppers can get a blast from the past with its new ice cream range that includes old school favourites such as arctic roll and Neapolitan wafers.
The frozen food specialist is bringing back the desserts of our childhood for the summer following the success of its mini Vienna lollies – basically mini Viennetta on a stick.
3 Iceland is bringing back Neapolitan wafers this summer
Shoppers snapped up 135,000 boxes of the sweet treats when they launched last year.
This time round, Iceland will be adding chocolate and mint mini Viennas to its selection.
These cost £1.50 for a box of five, which is the same price as the original and strawberry flavours.
That makes it a bargain 30p an ice cream and they only contain 85 calories so it’s not too bad on the waistline either.
3 The frozen food retailer is also launching mini chocolate and mint Vienna lollies
An adult man should have around 2,500 calories a day while it’s 2,000 for a woman under NHS guidelines.
But the mint ones are currently sold out online so you’ll have to head down to a store to get your hands on them. Use Iceland’s store locator tool to find your nearest.
Iceland is also selling a box of eight (720ml) Neapolitan wafers for £1.75.
These see soft layers of strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream sandwiched between two crispy wafers, with each one containing 129 calories.
You can also scoop up a 250g arctic roll for £1, which sees vanilla ice cream coated in strawberry jam and wrapped in sponge – a 50g slice contains 101 calories
Neither of these items are currently available online but Iceland says they will be over the summer.
3 Shoppers can also get their hands on raspberry screwballs complete with a bubblegum ballCredit: Iceland
But you can nab Neapolitan wafers for less at Asda where a 720ml box of eight costs £1.60 with each one containing 131 calories.
The arctic roll, however, is the cheapest price we’ve seen at the major supermarkets.
Iceland is also selling raspberry ripple ice cream, which costs £1.50 for a 2L tub. That’s the joint cheapest price with Asda but bear in mind it contains 75 calories per 45g scoop.
And there’s even raspberry ripple screwballs complete with a bubble gum ball at the end costing £1 for a box of six – each one contains 93 calories.
Asda and Sainsbury’s are also selling boxes of six screwballs for £1 a pop but they contain more calories at 98 and 101 respectively.
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In another blast from the past, Morrisons is bringing back Zoom ice lollies for the first time in 20 years.
While Poundland has brought back retro sweets including Caramac and Flying Saucers – and they cost £1 each.
In a more unusual combination, Musclefood is selling meat topped with retro sweets like popping candy and parma violets.
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