Iceland is doing an incredible Birds Eye and Aunt Bessie’s banquet for £15

Iceland is doing an incredible Birds Eye and Aunt Bessie's banquet for £15

BRITISH supermarket chain Iceland has launched a bundle of Birds Eye and Aunt Bessie’s frozen food family favourites – and it only costs £15.
The deal includes everyone’s guilty pleasures such as fish fingers, chicken dippers and potato waffles and you’ll save £4 on the usual price.
instagram/birdseyeuk Chicken dippers, potato waffles and jam roly poly are all included
You have to add the eight items to your basket online – as the deal isn’t available in Iceland stores – to get the discount.
We checked the prices and it’s a good deal.
In fact, in other supermarkets, you won’t find this spread as cheap, with Tesco charging customers over £20 for the whole lot.
Elsewhere, customers pay £3.75 for the pack of ten Birds Eye beef burgers, compared to £3 at Iceland.
Reuters Iceland are selling the feast for under £15
The supermarket suggests that it’s a good way to fill up your freezer if you have a big one.
But it might not be suitable for those who don’t have a large space – or are more health conscious.
Valid until May 7, so you have plenty of time to plan multiple delicious dinners.
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