Iceland has four new Slimming World dishes

Iceland has four new Slimming World dishes

SUPERMARKET Iceland has added four new Slimming World dishes to its shelves to give dieters more choice.
Slimmers can now pick up two new soups, a pork stew and low-calorie gravy from £1 – and all of them are Syn-free.
Iceland has added four new Slimming World dishes to its shelves
It’s the first time Iceland has sold Slimming World ready-made gravy.
The 350g tubs contain just 30 calories per 100g and are classed as a “free food” on the diet plan.
That means you can eat as much of it as you want without having to calorie count, according to Slimming World guidelines.
The new gravy would go well with the diet brand’s Syn-free chunky chips, which it launched earlier this year to the excitement of Slimming World’s 900,000 members.
Iceland The Mexican Pork Fiesta stew is the priciest new dish at £3.50 per pack
Iceland There’s also a new gravy which is classed as a free food and costs £1
Alongside the new gravy are two new soups: Vegetable Tagine (£2 for 500g), and Sweetcorn Chowder (£1.50 for 500g).
There’s also a new ready meal: a Mexican Pork Fiesta stew, which costs £3.50 for 550g.
All the additions are classed as free foods, and are on sale in stores and online now.
If the dishes weren’t “free,” they would have a “Syn” count, which dieters would have to subtract from their daily allowance.
Iceland The vegetable tagine flavour is one of two soups
Iceland There’s also a new sweetcorn chowder flavour
Dieters on a Slimming World plan usually have between five and 15 Syns a day.
If you want to calorie count, the vegetable tagine soup contains 43 calories per 100g, while the sweetcorn chowder contains 46 calories per 100g.
The Mexican Pork Fiesta stew contains 72 calories per 100g, which works out at about 400 calories in the whole pack.
The stew is included in a new Iceland offer which will give you a free Indian side dish if you buy three Slimming World meals or meat products.
There are three sides you can pick from which are all free foods: a chana saag, an aloo gobi or a vegetable daal.
The deal is available online and in stores and runs until April 7 in stores, and April 8 online.
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Iceland has more than 900 stores across the UK. Find your nearest shop using its online branch finder tool.
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