Hundreds ‘sent TWO ballot papers’ for Tory leadership election between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt – The Sun

Hundreds ‘sent TWO ballot papers’ for Tory leadership election between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt – The Sun

HUNDREDS of Conservative party members have reportedly been sent more than one ballot paper for the crucial election to decide the party’s next leader.
It’s claimed more than 1,000 people could have been posted multiple forms in the race for PM between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt.
3 Boris Johnson is currently red hot favourite to become the Tory party’s next leaderCredit: Getty Images – Getty
Those affected are said to include people who joined their local Conservative party at their home and work address or others who have changed their name.
However, the Tory party told the BBC that any members caught voting twice will quickly be expelled.
Sir Patrick McLoughlin, who is chairing Mr Hunt’s campaign, said the issue has “got to be looked at” but added he expected members to follow the rules.
Sir Patrick, a former Conservative chairman, told the BBC’s Today programme: “It’s made very clear on the ballot paper that you are only allowed to vote once. I expect Conservative members to follow that.
“If people have joined two associations they may get two ballot papers. I get two ballot papers in elections because I am on two different sets of electoral registers, it doesn’t mean that I vote twice, I don’t.”
He added: “It can’t be clearer, it’s right there on the ballot paper saying that you must only vote on one occasion and I expect people to do that”.
The key vote closes on July 22 and the result will be revealed a day later.
Theresa May will take her final session of Prime Minister’s Questions on July 24 and hand over to the contest winner that afternoon.
Iain Duncan Smith, chairman of front-runner Mr Johnson’s campaign, said the party needed to make sure it addresses the problem of multiple ballot papers.
“Obviously there is an issue here, I accept that,” he said, adding that he was sure party chairman Brandon Lewis was looking at it.
He added: “In all elections there are issues about this, where people are registered separately, and in the ballot papers it’s quite clear … that you are not to vote more than once.
“But it’s clear that the Conservative Party needs to continue to do some work and look into how they can actually sift this properly so that they recognise who is who.”
While Tory MPs were instrumental in whittling the list down, it’s the 160,000 members who will have the deciding vote on who will be our next Prime Minister.
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ITV is due to broadcast a head-to-head debate between the two candidates on Tuesday hosted by Julie Etchingham and broadcast live from North West England.
Mr Johnson remains the runaway favourite to win the poll- and a poll revealed 77 per cent of members believe he would make a good leader.
As it stands, the next Prime Minister will be in office for at least three years, until the next scheduled General Election in 2022.
3 Jeremy Hunt’s election team have vowed to look into the problemCredit: Getty Images – Getty
3 With tears in her eyes, Theresa May announced her forthcoming resignation as PMCredit: Reuters
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