How to make KFC at home as we reveal the secret to crispy fried chicken

How to make KFC at home as we reveal the secret to crispy fried chicken

IF you’ve ever wanted to make KFC chicken in your own kitchen, help is at hand.
We went behind the scenes at one KFC restaurant in central London to make the Colonel’s famous chicken – and we’ll share how you can recreate it at home.
The Sun We learned how to make KFC chicken so you can recreate the finger lickin’ good fast food in your own home
KFC is running cooking classes for 3,000 customers across the country on March 30 – and we had a sneak preview.
Fans won’t get to learn what’s in the secret blend of 11 herbs and spices – but they will find out every step that goes into creating burgers and on-the-bone pieces of fried chicken.
But if you can’t get hold of a ticket, we’re here to reveal exactly how you can try the secret recipe out at home so you can save money on takeaways.
Here, IMOGEN BLAKE shares the secrets of cooking just like the Colonel – and how you can do it too.
The Sun Imogen went behind the scenes at KFC to learn how to make its fried chicken
I was at the Bishopsgate branch of KFC in central London, opposite Liverpool Street station, for one of KFC’s cooking classes.
Hairnet on, apron tied back and cap firmly in place, I at least looked the part to fry up some chicken.1. Get prepared
The Sun The first step is to get the right pieces of raw chicken for frying
Start with raw on-the-bone chicken thighs, drumsticks and wings.
KFC also uses rib and keel pieces in its famous buckets but these are harder to come by in supermarkets.
You could ask a butcher to source some for you or have a go butchering a whole chicken yourself.
KFC fries up 2,000 pieces of chicken per restaurant every day – but you’ll probably only need about four to six pieces per person.
Sainsbury’s sells a 1kg pack of drumsticks, thighs and wings for £2.65, and Asda sells a huge 2kg pack of drumsticks and thighs for £3.95.
How to make a KFC burgerHERE’S how to make a crispy KFC-style burger
1. Prepare, coat and fry the chicken. We take you through the steps below.
For a burger, you’ll want a filleted piece rather than chicken on the bone.
2. Take a burger bun, slice it in half and toast each side.
3. Squirt mayo or your choice of sauce on the burger bun base.
4. Cover the base in lettuce and add any other salad items you want, such as tomato.
5. Place a crispy KFC-style fillet on top and place the top of the burger bun over that – and you’ll have a lookalike burger.

2. Mix flour and spices
The Sun The famous spices are mixed into the flour which coats the raw chicken and becomes the crispy batter
Every day, bags of flour mixed with KFC’s secret herb and spice recipe are delivered to the chicken chain’s 900 restaurants across the UK.
The staff aren’t told the recipe – that’s locked away in a secret vault in the US.
But a relative of KFC founder Colonel Sanders said he’d found the recipe for the spice mix in an old scrapbook once owned by the Colonel’s second wife.
KFC’s owner, Yum! Brands, denied it’s the recipe it uses now – but it could be worth trying it out since KFC will never share the real thing.
Is this KFC’s secret herb and spice mix?Mix with two cups of white flour:

2/3 tsp Salt
1/2 tsp Thyme
1/2 tsp Basil
1/3 tsp Oregano
1 tsp Celery Salt
1 tsp Black Pepper
1 tsp Dried Mustard
4 tsp Paprika
2 tsp Garlic Salt
1 tsp Ground Ginger
3 tsp White Pepper

KFC washes its chicken pieces before coating them – but we don’t advise you do this at home.
The fried chicken chain has special equipment and hygiene procedures that ensure bacteria from the raw chicken doesn’t contaminate its cooking areas.
But at home, you’re unlikely to have the same set-up – and the NHS advises against washing raw chicken because it could spread deadly bacteria.
So, onto the breading.
3. Bread the chicken
The Sun Chef Danilo Pallas showed Imogen how to coat the chicken in the flour and spices
There’s a very specific way KFC coats its chicken in the spiced flour
First, fill a tray or a large bowl with plenty of flour mixed with the spice mix above.
Then, place your pieces of raw chicken into the flour.
Scoop the flour underneath the raw chicken pieces and then fold it over the chicken so they’re covered.
Then, press firmly on the chicken pieces with both hands, palms facing down. This ensures the flour sticks to the chicken.
Start taking the chicken pieces out, two at a time – but don’t put them to one side just yet.4. Shake off the excess
The Sun You have to shake off the excess flour before it goes in the fryer
Every piece of chicken that comes out of the flour needs to be given a gentle shake downwards to get rid of the excess.
Then, you need to tap the two chicken pieces together but don’t let the meat touch. Instead, knock your thumbs together.
Thigh and wing pieces can then be placed on a clean tray, ready for frying.
Drumsticks need to be double coated – and KFC has a secret tip for making sure the skin is crispy
Hold them at the base and twist the skin upwards to release any trapped air.5. Time to fry
The Sun This is how KFC chicken is fried in stores across the country every day
The Sun You can try and recreate KFC chicken in your own home now you know the steps
KFC deep fries its chicken for 15 minutes and then drains the oil off for another five minutes – so 20 minutes in total.
No-one said it was healthy!
If you don’t have a deep fat fryer, then heat up plenty of oil in a large saucepan and do it that way – though be careful of burns.
You’ll then have KFC-style chicken that you’ve made in your own home.
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