How to find bargains on baby clothes and essentials at NCT ‘Nearly New Sales’

How to find bargains on baby clothes and essentials at NCT 'Nearly New Sales'

NEW and expectant parents can bag clothes and baby essentials for as little as 50p at NCT “Nearly New Sales”.
The charity runs the sales across the UK throughout the year but says there tends to be more between February and July and from September to December.
Alamy New parents may want to check out if they can bag a bargain at an NCT sale
This means now is the perfect time to check if there are any in your local area – and you can do this using its online tool.
A quick search reveals there are sales this weekend in Clapham in London, Godalming in Surrey, Northwich in Cheshire, Chorley in Lancashire and more.
Items typically sold include nearly new baby and children’s clothes, toys and equipment, as well as clothes for mums too – and NCT reckons you can even nab designer clobber.
Discounts are usually a quarter to a third off the price you’d pay on the high street with prices starting from as little as 50p.
Alamy Discounts of up to a third are common with prices starting from 50p
NCT says bargains often include baby grows, clothes, toys and books from 50p, high chairs from £10, slings and baby carriers from £10, and buggies from around £30.
The charity says the sales focus on “high-quality products at a bargain price” with brands sold include Disney, Lego, Mothercare, Next, and Zara.
You don’t have to be an NCT member to attend but if you are a member you get early access.
Membership costs £10 a year if you’re on certain benefits or for everyone else it’s £48 a year, £57 for 18 months or £120 for four years.
If you’re a member you’ll need to bring your card or membership number with you to get early sales access.
Some sales accept card payments while others will only take cash so check before you turn up.
If you’ve got old clobber you’re looking to ditch you can also apply to sell your items.
But you will either have to pay a fee for a table or give up some of your sales as commission depending on whether you sell the items yourself or one of the charity’s volunteers does it for you.
These fees vary by venue so check your local one first and weigh up whether sites such as eBay or Facebook’s marketplace could be better.
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