How much sunscreen do you REALLY need? Simple spoon trick reveals all…

How much sunscreen do you REALLY need? Simple spoon trick reveals all…

WE all know the importance of slathering on the sun cream once the weather starts to heat up.
But do you know how much you need to actually keep you protected from the sun’s harmful rays?
5 Experts say you need too apply six full teaspoons of sunscreen to cover the entire bodyCredit: The Hospital Group
Almost 30 million Brits aren’t applying sunscreen properly – with 67 per cent using less than the recommended amount.
A recent study of 1,500 adults in the UK, by the Hospital Group, found that folk are seriously underestimating how much sun protection they need.
In fact, their findings revealed that 44 per cent use less than half of the recommended amount.
It comes as temperatures set to reach 27C in central regions and the south east this weekend.
Six full teaspoons
With so many of us failing to apply the right protection, it’s no surprise that there’s a stereotype for beetroot-coloured Brits on the beach.
The British Association of Dermatologists recommends we should apply at least six full teaspoons – or 36g – of sun cream to cover the body of an average adult.
Yet, people on average admitted to using less than three teaspoons worth.
The experts reckon that it’s probably because we struggle to visualise the appropriate amount of sun cream needed.
So they have released a series of images showing the recommended amounts of sun-cream you need to be using on each body part.
Face and neck
One in three Brits don’t apply enough sun cream to their face and neck.
The recommended amount is half a teaspoon however, one in seven said they use less than a quarter.
5 You need about half a teaspoon of suncream for the face and neckCredit: The Hospital Group
Less than half of us aren’t using enough suncream on our arms.
Experts say we need a teaspoon’s worth – but one in five use a quarter of a teaspoon or less.
5 You need a whole teaspoon for the armsCredit: The Hospital Group
Findings show that half of us are putting on the right amount of protection for our legs.
Yet a quarter said they’d put half a teaspoon or less for both of their legs, whereas the recommended amount is actually one teaspoon per leg.
5 For your legs, two whole teaspoons is enough to protect youCredit: The Hospital Group
Front and back of body
One in four Brits don’t apply enough sun cream to their torsos.
We should be using one teaspoon to cover this area, yet people admitted to only using a quarter of a teaspoon or less.
5 You need another whole teaspoon for your front and back of your torso
Expert’s 6 top tips for staying safe in the sun
Lauren Mackenzie, head of medical aesthetics for transform at The Hospital Group, has come up with her six top tips for staying safe in the sun.
1. Always apply sun cream when you’ll be in the sun
2. Don’t forget to wait 30 mins before venturing out
3. You can burn on a cloudy day too so wear sunscreen even if it’s not sunny
4. Reapply, reapply, reapply
5. You can burn in the UK too
6. Make sure you’re using the correct SPF

Brit’s sunburn hot spots
Over half Brits admitted they regularly miss areas of the body when applying sun protection.
These are the areas that people are most likely to miss when applying sun cream, and how many of us don’t apply sun cream to this area while outdoors.
1. Soles of the feet – 94 per cent
2. Bottom – 87 per cent
3. Hairline/parting – 80 per cent
4. Lips – 77 per cent
5. Eyelids – 75 per cent
Lauren Mackenzie, head of medical aesthetics at The Hospital Group, said: “Skin cancer is one of the biggest killers in the UK, so it’s quite shocking to see the risks Brits are taking when it comes to failing to protect their skin from sun damage.
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“It seems from our research that most people are seriously underestimating the protection needed and aren’t giving sun cream application the appropriate time and attention.
“Spending an extra five minutes applying sun cream and waiting for it to start working before jumping in the water on holiday are really simple changes to make, but will certainly save your skin in the long term.
“Practices like this can protect you from premature ageing and more serious damage that the sun can have on your body.”
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