How much is the Lidl straightening brush and which stores stock it?

How much is the Lidl straightening brush and which stores stock it?

These are a Lidl bit like GHDs (Picture: Lidl)Your eyes do not deceive – Lidl have brought out their own version of a straightening brush.
These are The Body Shop’s fastest-selling productsThe brush looks and works an awful lot like one that GHD have brought out.
There is one very big difference between the two though, and it comes in the shape of the much smaller price tag.
Want to get your hands on one?
First of all, we don’t blame you. Second of all, stick around, because we’ve got what you need to know…
How much is Lidl’s new straightening brush?
Strap yourself in, because Lidl’s model of the brush is only £14.99 to GHD’s £125.

(Picture: Lidl)That’s a whopping £110 cheaper than what GHD have to offer, even though a lot of the Lidl brush’s specs are the same.
The brush has a similar design to the GHD straightening brush, with added rose gold detailing.
It adds volume and body to the hair while, at the same time, the heated prongs straighten it.
Lidl’s version also features a ceramic heat pad, like the GHD brush, which is adjustable from 120 to 210 degrees – so you can keep your hair healthy by adjusting the heat to a setting that suits you best.

What Lidl stores stock the straightening brush?
Rejoice – all Lidl stores have the straightening brush, known as the Silvercrest Hair Straightening Brush, as long as their stocks last.
This isn’t the first Silvercrest brush to be released by Lidl either.
Last year, they offered a model of the brush for £9.99, and it got some stellar reviews.
Demonstrating it’s use for her viewers, YouTuber Bethany Mew said: ‘My hair looks smooth, and nice, and the only thing that I guess isn’t so good is that you can’t get super close to the curly bits.’
‘But I am super impressed, my hair is straight.
‘And it works – £10! Fabulous.’
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