How much does a TV licence cost, is it still free for over-75s and what changes has the BBC confirmed for 2019?

How much does a TV licence cost, is it still free for over-75s and what changes has the BBC confirmed for 2019?

BBC bosses have made major changes to the TV licence for those over 75.
Here is everything you need to know about the broadcaster’s shakeup.
1 Pensioners can no longer enjoy their perkCredit: PA:Press Association
How much does a TV licence cost?
At present a TV licence costs £154.50 for a colour TV.
For those who still have a black and white one it cost £52.
Those who are blind or severely sight-impaired are eligible to a 50 per cent discount.
Is it still free for over-75s?
BBC bosses have axed the free licences for the over-75s — hitting the pockets of 3.7million pensioners.
The broadcaster was set to take on the financial burden of providing free licences for over-75s from the Government in 2020.
What changes has the BBC confirmed for 2019?
After a review, the concession will now be available only to households receiving pension credit.
The free licence fee was first paid for by a Labour government in 2000.
Under the Conservatives in 2015, ministers announced that an agreement had been reached between government and the BBC, and the broadcaster would shoulder the cost.
Yet the Beeb said it couldn’t afford it and now pensioners have to pay.
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What else should you know about the TV licence?
You can pay for your licence all in one go or spread the cost throughout the year using direct debit.
Watching live TV or catch-up through the BBC iPlayer on any device without a licence is a criminal offence and if you’re caught, you could be fined up to £1,000.
In Jersey the maximum fine is £500.
Almost 3.5million Brits have cancelled their TV licence fee in the last four years — a rate of almost one million a year.
Many are snubbing the BBC in favour of streaming sites such as Netflix, statistics reveal.
You can legally watch TV without splashing out on a licence by watching On Demand TV, available through services like ITV Player, All4, My5, BT Vision, SkyGo, Now TV, Apple TV and Virgin Media.
You can also watch on demand movies from the likes of Netflix and Amazon Video, as well as watching Blu-ray or DVDs.

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