Horse collapses after pulling tourists around in blistering heat

Horse collapses after pulling tourists around in blistering heat

This is the heartbreaking moment a horse drops to the floor after becoming exhausted from pulling tourists in 32°C temperatures.
The grey mare was pulling a wooden carriage through the streets of Manilla City in the Philippines when it collapsed.
Jay David captured the moment the horse fell over, soon after dropping off some tourists.

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The owner of the horse forced it to get back on its feet after it collapsed (Picture: Viral Press)Witnesses said the horse started to stagger but rather than being helped by its driver it was whipped.
He said: ‘It looked like the horse was over-fatigued because of the heat and pollution in the city. She was thin and tired.’
The horses are used by tour guides in the Intramuros district of the capital, a former stronghold of Spanish colonisers in the 1700s.
Rose Santos who lives in the city and witnessed what happened said carriage owners often overwork their horses.
She said: ‘The horse was tired. I could see her struggling. The rider in the carriage tried to keep her going but she gave up.
‘It was like she just wanted to sleep in the middle of the road. She had no energy.’

The horse fell to the ground moments after dropping off some tourists (Picture: Viral Press)

The horses are popular with tourists, but often the horses are badly treated (Picture: Viral Press)


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