Home Bargains is selling shimmery pink unicorn and parma violet gins for £8 a bottle

Home Bargains is selling shimmery pink unicorn and parma violet gins for £8 a bottle

IF you love retro parma violets sweets, or just adore the colour pink, you might want to check out three new gins on sale at Home Bargains.
The discount retailer is selling a shimmery pink UNICORN gin liqueur as well as a bright purple parma violet version for just £7.99 a bottle.
Money Saver Online There are three new gin liqueurs available at Home Bargains for £8 a bottle
There’s also a third flavour: a rose pink rhubarb and ginger liqueur.
Made by the Manchester Drinks Co, the 500ml tipples are on sale at Home Bargains now.
They’re available in stores, but not online at the moment.
Shoppers are going crazy for the new drinks on the Money Saver Online Facebook group, which first spotted the liqueurs on sale.

People are mostly loving the new tipples on Facebook
One said to her friend: “We need a ladies that lunch club….. will substitute lunch for gin.”
Nearly 1,000 people commented on the Facebook post in the first hour of it going live.
But before you get too excited, bear in mind that the tipples are cheaper than normal gin because they have a lower ABV.
The mystical unicorn and the rhubarb and ginger liqueur have an ABV of 20 per cent, and the parma violets tipple has a strength of 18.7 per cent.
Pure gin usually has an ABV of at least 37.5 per cent.
Some fans said the drinks weren’t strong enough for their liking.
But they are among the cheapest around.
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Aldi sells a parma violets gin liqueur for £10, while Tesco has a bottle on sale for £12.
Meanwhile, B&M’s glittery unicorn gin costs £18 a bottle.
A blind taste test by Good Housekeeping revealed that some of the best pink gins are sold at Tesco and Asda.
Aldi is selling new liquors including glittery parma violet gin for £10

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