Home Bargains is selling a 99p copycat of Mrs Hinch’s favourite cleaning product Zoflora

Home Bargains is selling a 99p copycat of Mrs Hinch's favourite cleaning product Zoflora

EVERY good Hincher knows that Zoflora is a must-have cleaning product.
Now Home Bargains has brought out its own version called Fabulosa – and it costs 99p.
Home Bargains has developed its own copy cat Zoflora range – and it costs 99p a bottle
Mrs Hinch – aka Instagram cleaning star Sophie Hinchcliff – always raves about Zoflora.
She usually finds an old cleaning spray bottle and dilutes a cap full of the disinfectant to use an an multi-purpose cleaner.
The knock-off version in Home Bargains was spotted by savvy shopper Holly Smith, who runs the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group.
It comes in three different scents – floral bouquet, fresh linen and pink grapefruit – and bottles are 320ml each.
Some shoppers claim that the Home Bargains copycats smell “nothing like” Zoflora and the smell doesn’t last as long.
While others said that they “love them” and that they can’t wait to try them.
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Fans of Mrs Hinch and Zoflora will know that the real deal comes in 19 different scents, including green valley, bouquet, citrus fresh, hyacinth, lavender and rose.
Bottles of Zoflora have also been spotted in Poundstretcher for 90p, if you’re keen on stocking up.
In the past we’ve revealed where to buy Mrs Hinch’s must-have cleaning products cheapest.
Also, have you heard about the £1 M&S sponge that Mrs Hinch loves?

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